Vegetarian King Ranch Chicken Casserole

AKA: Chicken Nachos Casserole

Folks, we have a winner. Not only was it tasty, but it used up a whole bunch of those tortilla strips.

I consulted a bunch of different recipes for this casserole, and came up with my own version, using a from-scratch soup mixture instead of canned soup, and a combination of Seitan and Cannellini beans in place of the chicken. If you prefer, you could use all Seitan or all Cannellini beans – just double the amount.

If you want to use real chicken, use about 3 cups of diced chicken (or turkey!) in place of the Seitan and beans, and of course, chicken bouillon or broth in place of the vegetarian.

Vegetarian King Ranch Chicken Casserole

¼ cup vegetable oil (I used rice bran oil)
¼ cup butter
½ cup flour
4 mushrooms, chopped
½ teaspoon salt
1 ½ cups milk
1 ½ cups water
2 teaspoons McKay’s chicken-style seasoning*
1 (10-oz) can Ro*Tel diced tomatoes with green chiles, undrained
1 (15-oz) can Cannellini beans (white kidney beans), drained and rinsed
1 (8-oz) box WestSoy seitan (red or blue box), torn into bite-sized pieces.
2 to 3 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
1 (14.5 oz) bag tortilla chips or strips
chili powder
garlic salt
chopped green bell pepper and/or onion (optional)**

Preheat oven to 350F.

Heat the vegetable oil and butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the flour and salt and cook and stir for 1 minute. Add the chopped mushrooms and cook for another minute or two, until they soften. Add the milk, water, and chicken-style seasoning. Cook and stir until bubbly and thick. Add the tomatoes, beans, and seitan.

Put 1/3 of the tortilla chips on the bottom of a 13×9 baking dish. Top with 1/3 of the mixture from the saucepan, then 1/3 of the cheese. Repeat twice. Sprinkle the top with chili powder and garlic salt to taste.

Bake for about 20-30 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted.

*You can use another brand of vegetarian chicken-style bouillon powder, or use 1 ½ cups vegetarian chicken style broth instead of the 1 ½ cups water.

**If you want to use green bell pepper and/or onion, saute it in 1 Tablespoon of the oil (from the ¼ cup) until soft. Set aside, and add it to the mixture along with the beans and seitan.

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6 Responses to Vegetarian King Ranch Chicken Casserole

  1. Chris says:

    That looks and sounds delicious!

  2. Nora says:

    Great recipe – I love making tortilla casseroles with chips. Easy and delicious!

  3. margene says:

    Hmm, that sounds great and easily changed to fit any diet!

  4. Carrie K says:

    That sounds like a winner. Yum. Oh good, something to use up all the not exactly stale tortilla chips in the cupboard and the last harvesting of the bell peppers.

  5. Cookie says:

    Looks like another winner!

  6. Monica says:

    I’ll have to give it a try! I made a veggie noodle casserole this week that was simple and delicious. I’ll email it to you. 🙂

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