A New Finish

Remember our Floor project?

We’ve finally finished the sealer and polyurethane finishes. We decided to just go with a clear finish, and used Bona Mega waterbased finish, plus the Bonaseal to seal the wood first. We’re really happy with the product so far – it was easy to apply and looks and feels very nice. I know it won’t stand up to abuse as well as the oil-based finishes, but it’s much better for us and the environment, and we could put on multiple coats in hours instead of days. We’ll just have to see how it holds up.

This is what it looks like now:
Floor after finish

The finish made the wood quite a bit darker and richer looking. On the plus side, it gave the wood a gorgeous color. But on the negative side, it made the blotchiness of the wood stand out more (it’s more obvious in person than in the photo).

We’ll just say that it’s showing off it’s well-earned wrinkles and age spots.

We were able to lighten the really bad stains (along the edge of the wall on the right side) quite a bit by using hydrogen peroxide on them (thanks for the tip, Sue!), but I didn’t want to try lightening them too much and end up bleaching the wood instead of the stain, so I didn’t lighten them up as much as I probably should have.

And of course, we still have the issue of the back 2 feet being much darker. Maybe we should have tried staining the wood – we might have been able to even out the color changes a bit. But who knows – it might have just made things worse, and I really like the color that it turned out. (It matches the cat!)

The areas where the wood was in practically like-new condition are gorgeous. It’s a shame we couldn’t get the whole floor to look like that. I suppose a professional with a drum sander would have been able to sand a bit deeper and maybe get rid of more of the blemishes, but I suspect even that wouldn’t have gotten rid of them all.

Here’s what the wood looked like before and after the finish – it’s amazing how much difference even a clear finish makes:

Unfinished and finished

Here’s a reminder of what it looked like after we uncovered the original floor:
The floor after uncovering the old wood

And what we started with – after we ripped off the awful carpet (you can still see some of it on the left side of the photo), but before we removed the subfloor and that little patch of tile and discovered the original wood:

Floor - before

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15 Responses to A New Finish

  1. The floor really looks fantastic! 😉

  2. Chris says:

    It looks gorgeous! 🙂

  3. sue o says:

    WOW! It looks fantastic! I bet that once everything is done and in place, you won’t even notice the color changes. Besides, it gives it character and a certain warmth.

  4. silvia says:

    Well who wants it to look perfect? It’s got a nice lived in feel. Toss around some washable rubber backed color dot rugs from Ikea to hide the bits that bug you and add some color and call it done!

  5. elizabeth says:

    I love it! I also love your dress and sweater, and I may just follow you in whatever you decide to do with your silky wool. I have a bazillion skeins of gold, which isn’t my color at all, and I really need to do something with it. Maybe I’ll throw it up on Rav’s destash and see if anyone wants it…

  6. Anne says:

    Wow – A BIG change, but definitely a good one. Looks great!!

  7. Cookie says:

    It’s gorgeous! You two did such a wonderful job. You should be very proud!

  8. Marianne says:

    Good job! and yes, the show of wear and tear, just adds to the patina :^)

  9. margene says:

    You and L worked so hard on the floor and it paid off!

  10. Deb in PA says:

    Very, very nice. I’m glad you kept the original wood.

    Older houses need that bit of character.

  11. Squishy says:

    awesomesauce! When are you coming to do our house?/runs

  12. Kitten says:

    Nice! You could always get some little cabinet things to go on either side of the fridge to hide the darker part.

  13. Heather says:

    Wow, it looks fantastic!

    Our floor also matches our cat. I am charmed by that. Cammo cat!

  14. jill says:

    It’s beautiful, Cheryl. All that hard work produce a fantastic result!

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