Kitchen planning

We’re looking at this for our countertop:


We brought home a lot of samples, and this one seemed to go well with the existing oak cabinets:


and with the new paint:

CountertopAnd it would also look nice with painted cabinets if we decide to go that way later. It’s good with our existing almond appliances, but would also go well with white, black, or stainless steel.

I really don’t want to go to the expense of replacing all of our appliances now, even though they’re at least 20 years old, except for the range which we replaced a few years ago.

But Larry hates the microwave oven (mainly for no reason other than the lack of a turntable), and now I think he’s figuring this is a good reason to replace it, since we’ll have to have the backsplash material cut to fit around whatever microwave oven is there.

I’m dragging my feet, because then what color do we go with? If I were replacing everything, I wouldn’t choose almond (or “bisque”, which is evidently the new almond). But if we buy some other color, it won’t go with any of the other appliances. So then do we go ahead and replace the old refrigerator and dishwasher, since they probably don’t have many years left in them anyway?

And do we choose a color based on the existing finish on the oak cabinets, or figure out what we’d like if and when we paint them, when we don’t even know yet what color we’d paint them? And what about the stove – it’s only a few years old (and it’s “bisque”), but then it won’t match.


Maybe we never should have ripped up the mudroom floor. Look what it has led to.




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11 Responses to Kitchen planning

  1. Heather says:

    That is very, very pretty.

    Remodeling is dangerous!

    But what other appliance is there, besides the dishwasher, if you have a new range? Your fridge isn’t in that room at all.

    Get a stainless microwave, that way you can get a black dishwasher and it will still look fine. Black and stainless match each other. Or so I think.

    • Cheryl says:


      We do have a fridge in the kitchen – it’s very old and very small. The one in the sunroom is new, but it won’t fit in the kitchen.

      We considered doing a complete remodel of the kitchen 2 years ago so that we’d be able to put in a larger fridge, but there’s no good way to do it because of all of the doors and windows. The only place a fridge can be is where it is. That’s why we ended up with a second one in the sunroom as a compromise.

  2. Chris says:

    Remodeling is a slippery slope! It’s probably best if I don’t start.

  3. sue o says:

    Jmho but think hard about stainless. Just had to replace my micro and we got stainless that we were assured didn’t show every fingerprint, etc. Well they lied! I spend more time cleaning just the micro than all my other appliances. We had wanted white to match the rest but had to settle for the stainless because of the space requrement. Personally I love the look of classic white appliances in any kitchen no matter what the color or finish of the cabinets. Some think it ‘boring’ but it also makes chosing new colors so easy, EVERYTHING goes with white!

  4. Stacey says:

    I like the black and/or stainless idea. They do go together. If the micro is up, which looks better where it is? And don’t dishwashers still have panels you can get so it can have multiple looks?

    Yeah, one bead-board wall led to doors and windows and a new deck and roof. I know what you’re talking about.

  5. margene says:

    This is called between a rock and a hard spot. Now the song “One thing leads to another” is stuck in my head!

  6. Ann says:

    If you put in the new countertops just be sure to replace any old appliance or sink that would be surrounded by it. (stove top for example). We discovered that replacement appliances can be different sizes from the old ones and then there is a problem down the line trying to find ones that fit. Your new counter top selection is very nice.

  7. Rachel says:

    Renovations have this mean character, don’t they? but the results are so lovely we tend to forgive them! 🙂

  8. Vicki says:

    Ah, yes! One thing leads to another, and this is probably why they say that you should just double (at least) whatever you THINK you’ll spend on a remodeling project.

  9. Carrie K says:

    The countertop looks perfect! It’s so versatile.

    Hmm. Change them all now? If you don’t, and they’re already 20 years old, ten to one, within the year, at least one of the major ones will die and it’s replacement will NOT fit.

  10. jill says:

    If you can, change them all now. Lowe’s has some cash back deals if you purchase more than one appliance. If you get the Lowe’s card you save an additional %. We bought our fridge, washer and dryer from them over the years. It’s always been a positive experience – unlike Sears. We were there today looking for a new dishwasher. We are an all white appliance kitchen, but we’re moving to stainless one piece at a time. Our dishwasher has been dead for a couple of years and we’ve had it with hand-washing dishes! I just hate spending the $$$ on something not knit-worthy, ya know?!

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