Conceptual Knitting

Today I was looking through the Conceptual Knitters group on Ravelry – a group is for Lea Redmond’s Conceptual Knitting projects, like the sky scarf.

There were some great ideas there. One woman is spindle-spinning a handful of fibers in the sky colors every day, then knitting a shawl with the resulting yarn. It looks great so far!  This also solves the problem of knitting shawls, where the rows get longer and longer, and you don’t want to have to commit to a whole row (or two, for a garter ridge) each day. You would just spin however much you want each day, and use the yarn later.

But it isn’t just about the sky. This thread talks about knitting a weight-loss scarf. That might be a good incentive to help lose weight.

Other people are knitting a mood scarf.

So if a sky scarf isn’t for you, maybe you might think about knitting or spinning something else to represent your life on a daily basis. (No, Cookie – solid black will not be acceptable.)

As for my sky scarf, it’s just a tiny little blob so far:

Utah Sky Scarf

Because of all of the yarns I’m using, I set it up in a fairly unused spot in the house (the leaf of my sewing cabinet, heh). That should help me keep the yarns from getting too tangled. (Now I’m kind of regretting not using single strands of fingering-weight yarn…)

Utah Sky Scarf

Another thing I did to help keep me on track is to start a log. Not only will it help me remember to knit my rows each day (I’ll keep it by the computer), but when I go out of town I can just take the paper with me and log a description of the sky. Then I can just do the knitting when I get home.

Utah Sky scarf log

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10 Responses to Conceptual Knitting

  1. Lauren says:

    This is so cool! I like your log so you can record it wherever you are. I love the mood scarf idea too!

  2. Chris says:

    Oh, good, you didn’t mention me, so I could knit solid black. 😉

  3. Anne says:

    How awesome it would be in handspun scrappy bits!

  4. elizabeth says:

    Will you do this for the whole year? That’s a big commitment!

  5. Kitten says:

    lmao @ Cookie’s black scarf
    Oooh, I just love the start of a new scarf or shawl. That wee soft teensy bit always gets me.

  6. jill says:

    I do love this concept, but couldn’t put it together for the new year. Maybe a July to July scarf. Are you choosing to knit the same time of day or is it a general impression of the day? Your chart is an awesome idea. Isn’t it wonderful to knit with so many blues this time of year?!

    • Cheryl says:

      I don’t see a problem with starting it on any day of the year! I just decided to start off with the new year. I suppose it will probably end up being my general impression of the day, but I’m trying to pick around 3-4pm as a goal. Yes to the blues! Though it’s snowing today.

  7. margene says:

    Keeping track of rows and days and colors is going to be key with this scarf. I bought a little journal and I write down the time I looked at the sky and the color. That way I can knit a row, or ten, when I get a chance. Hopefully our scarves will be more blue than gray!

  8. Laurie says:

    Wow. I had no idea it was a day to day real life imitation.

  9. Lynn in Tucson says:

    I love this idea (but doubt I have the discipline for it)!

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