What’s on the needles?

Aside from the Utah Sky project and the Sweater of Guilt (which just needs to have the sleeves finished), I have a couple of new projects on the needles.

For my weekend trip to Phoenix (more on that later), I needed something portable but time-consuming. Laceweight is always a good choice, so with a bit of stash-diving, I came up with some Malabrigo in Lettuce to be made into Bitterroot. I made a good bit of progress on the trip:

Before leaving, I also cast on for some Duffers, which shouldn’t take more than a few hours to finish, so they’ll be great for SnB:

The trip also saw the demise of another project, my Kalajoki socks. I was trying to find some pattern to use with the Reynolds Soft Sea Wool I had, and thought this might work. I really like the sock pattern, but after completing one sock, I had to admit that I didn’t like the Soft Sea Wool for socks – or at least, not these socks. I think the yarn would be better used at a looser gauge. That project is headed for the frog pond.



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10 Responses to What’s on the needles?

  1. Chris says:

    That is a very lettucey color indeed. Any yarn with soft in the name doesn’t sound quite right for socks to me.

  2. Cookie says:

    You’ve been busy!

    You’re making me want to dig out that GREEN! Malabrigo I have stashed. 😕

  3. elizabeth says:

    Love that color of green! But I want to hear about Carrie!!! When you’re ready, of course. ;o)

  4. darciad says:

    So glad I read your post today! I now have Duffers and Kalajoki in my Ravelry favorites to knit someday. . .

  5. jill says:

    Nice! I have a road trip coming up next week and I’m stewing over just what to bring for the long drive. Those duffers are nifty! Hmmmmmm…..

  6. margene says:

    Deon was thrilled to receive the Seawool last night! You’ve found a good way to get rid of your stash without knitting it.
    The shawl will be a perfect weight for year round wearing.
    From the look of your speed knitting last night, you’ll have a finished pair of Duffers today!

  7. Kitten says:

    Aw, you frogged the sock? I haven’t knat since Sparky’s, and I am feeling a little deprived. (Another night of early sleep and I may have this cold kicked enough to start thinking about it again.)

  8. Heather says:

    Love that color for the shawl! It will be very springy!

  9. Carrie#K says:

    What happens in AZ stays in AZ, eh?

  10. Joyce DeMaggio says:

    I have the Duffers pattern and the seamless magic cast on. Please help and
    suggest the best way to start. I’m struggling. Want to felt mine. I love the
    slippers you made and want to do the same.
    Joyce DeMaggio

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