Phoenix 2012

When we made our plans to go to Phoenix for the wedding, I decided to look for a place to stay that would be more of a destination in itself, instead of just staying at a typical hotel/motel.

What I discovered is that there are very, very few Bed and Breakfasts in Phoenix. Evidently there is an incredible number of regulations regarding them, and it’s difficult to get approved. Guess the hotel lobby is pretty strong there.

But at any rate, one popped up that not only had great reviews, but was also located very close to where the wedding was going to be held – the ZenYard Guest House.

We were thrilled with our choice – it was a fun and relaxing place to stay. Besides the nice living room in the main house, there are lots of great outdoor spaces to hang out in – in your choice of sun or shade. There’s a beautiful heated salt-water swimming pool and a hot tub in the front area. We didn’t use the pool because the outdoor temperatures were a bit too cool (it’s winter, after all), but it did look tempting.

Zenyard Guest House, main pool Zenyard Guest House, pool area

There are two rooms in the main house which share a bathroom; a casita with a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen; and a large bedroom with a private bathroom in a second casita (part of that casita has been turned into a massage studio). We booked the Cowboy Casita, which has the kitchen. It also has its own little patio area with chairs, loungers, and a hot tub. We took advantage of the hot tub one afternoon, and it was great. If you enlarge the photo below on the right, you’ll see one of the many hummingbird feeders that are located on the property. That window is the little breakfast nook in the casita – it was so nice to sit at the table and watch the little hummers come by for a drink.

Cowboy Casita - living room Cowboy Casita

The B&B hosts, Eddie and Dale, were wonderful. We also had a great time chatting with the other guests over breakfast each morning. Breakfasts there are Continental-style rather than large cooked breakfasts, but that suited us well. Dale is famous for his banana bread, and it was really good. There were also some scones, turnovers, and other assorted breads; yogurt; hard-boiled eggs; granola and chocolate Cheerios (evidently prized by the European guests), peanut butter and Nutella, and lots of fresh fruit. The property used to be an orchard, and there are still a couple of grapefruit trees, so we even had some freshly-picked, delicious grapefruits. There was also a nice variety of wine and snacks available for purchase.

The B&B is only a short drive from the airport – I don’t think it even took us 10 minutes to get there from the rental car place. There’s not a whole lot of things in the immediate walking distance, but we did go to a very nice Italian restaurant called Christo’s in a strip mall that was only about half a mile away. One woman who was staying at the B&B didn’t have a car, so Eddie and Dale provided her with a bicycle so she could ride around for the afternoon. With a car, there are lots of stores and restaurants within a few miles.

They had free wi-fi throughout the property, and there was also a computer available for use in the dining room – which was great because we didn’t bring one with us, and some things are a little difficult to do on a tiny phone-sized display.

All the other guests we met were also staying there for the first time, and we all agreed that we would definitely stay there again whenever we went back to Phoenix.

We had a few activities in mind to fill up out time, but didn’t get to do many of them. One thing that I’ve always been interested in doing is going to the Desert Botanical Garden. Since the weather was just perfect for it, that was our top pick. It took us about 3 hours to wander through the gardens and have lunch at the cafe. It was very nice.

I loved the Chihuly glass cactus at the entrance (the bright green “plants” in the photo below left), and of course, all of the wonderful cactus and succulents in the gardens.

Desert Botanical Garden Desert Botanical Garden

On our last day in Phoenix, we took a drive out to Joe’s Farm Grill for lunch, where we were greatly entertained by the decor in the bathrooms.

Bathroom at Joe's Farm Grill Bathroom at Joe's Farm Grill

Then we headed to the Superstition Mountains. We stopped at Goldfield Ghost Town. They staged a shootout which was fun to watch, and I even saw some knitting in the wild. The women were speaking a language that sounded sort of like German, but not quite. Dutch, maybe?

Goldfield Ghost Town Goldfield Ghost Town

It was a great trip! If you want more photos, you can see the album here.

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7 Responses to Phoenix 2012

  1. Chris says:

    Oh, that B&B sounds really nice! Especially since I think of Phoenix as sort of a wasteland…

  2. Kitten says:

    Phoenix is a soulless lump of concrete in the middle of a land so ugly Satan has forsaken us too. BUT. There are cool little oases among the cookie cutter subdivisions… I saw that photo of the gardens on Facebook and we couldn’t figure out the glass things. Also, sounds like Joe’s needs to be on our rotation – I’d never heard of it.

  3. margene says:

    The B&B is fabulous and I’d love to move in and stay. They have true style and it’s easy to see they love what they do.

  4. Rachel says:

    Oh you made me “home” sick!
    When I first came to Phoenix, I insisted that Joe will take me downtown, after all a woman can’t judge a city without visiting its downtown, right? I couldn’t understand why he didn’t understand my request until he obliged,,,, downtown indeed (not!)

  5. jill says:

    Looks like a relaxing place to stay, and who doesn’t love that! I’m glad you and Larry had a special trip.

  6. Cookie says:

    Looks like you saw everything Phoenix has to offer! *L*

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