A Change of Mind

As much as I liked the Semele pattern and the madelinetosh yarn I was using for it, I wasn’t quite sure about the combination of the two. I kept thinking the yarn might be better for my first pattern idea for the yarn – Atalanta Sideways, by the same designer.

Discovering that my LYS had malabrigo lace in stock in the color (Sunset) that made me fall in love with Semele in the first place cemented the deal. (See this project)

Malabrigo lace - sunset

I ripped out Semele and started Atalanta. I’m much happier with the combination. The textured yarn works much better with the chunkier pattern. The interesting border is a simple 4-row repeat. The only difficulty is in manipulating a series of elongated stitches; it’s simple, but you have to take it a little slow so that you don’t keep dropping the stitches off your needle. At least they’re easy to pick up if you do. Once I got started into the main part of the pattern, I was able to memorize it pretty easily. It’s a 6-row repeat on the top edge, and a 4-row repeat on the border, but the patterns are easy enough to read that it doesn’t really get too confusing.

Atalanta Sideways

Both of the patterns are very well written, with lots of detail. There are 2 pages of step-by-step photos for Atalanta Sideways to show how the border pattern is done. The instructions were clear enough that I didn’t really need the photos – but it helped to verify that I understood it correctly.


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8 Responses to A Change of Mind

  1. Rachel says:

    This yellow is amazing. It may be what I am searching to knit the lace version of Color Affection with. I have in mind a wild color combination for this one,,,,

  2. margene says:

    Good choice! The yarn and pattern are so well suited. Love the rich color of Madtosh!

  3. Chris says:

    Wow, that border looks crazily complex.

  4. kitten says:

    OOoh, I love that one! Was I talking about that with you, or with Cookie? Can’t remember. In any case, you people have me craving lace again.

  5. jill says:

    Dreamy. I just queued up both patterns. Knowing your prowess, you’ll have them both done before I make it to my stash closet! 😉

  6. Heather says:

    I love it! Love those picots on the top edge, and that bottom edge is fantastic.

  7. redsilvia says:

    Love that combination! That yarn is just pure sunshine!

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