Traveling Buds are still Traveling

Traveling Buds cardigan

I finished the back and both fronts of the cardigan, and have moved on to the sleeve.

Once again, I had the weirdness where my second front piece ended up larger (gauge-wise) than the back and first front. Maybe I just get too excited when I feel like I’m heading into the home stretch, and my gauge loosens up. Thank heavens for blocking.

The armholes seem awfully large, but for now, I’m just going to trust that the sleeves will work out. It’s not like Melissa Leapman doesn’t know what she is doing with pattern designs.

I did come across one error in the pattern, but it was just in stitch counts at the end of a section.



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6 Responses to Traveling Buds are still Traveling

  1. Chris says:

    *fingers crossed that it all works out ok*

  2. Cookie says:

    Pretty! You can totally do this!

  3. zeneedle says:

    Melissa Leapman’s designs were first created during the big and beautiful era of the 90s. Maybe shoulder pads will help with fit. 😉 Knitting is such a crap shoot, but honestly, your sweater is looking fabulous!

  4. jill says:

    You always work magic. Are you related to Samantha Stevens?

  5. Kitten says:

    I can’t stand to have sleeves fitted tight up under my arms (see Margene’s comment about the 90s) so I always worry my scyes are too small. Maybe I should make that pattern!

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