FO: Haruni


I’ve wanted to knit this pattern for a long time, and finally got around to it. I knit about 75% of this while traveling – it was good airplane knitting.


Pattern: Haruni, by Emily Ross
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow, in Vineyard
Needles: US 4/3.5mm
Ravelry: Project page, pattern page

Modifications: Since I had nearly 1 1/2 skeins of yarn, I decided to add an extra repeat to the body. I ran out of the first skein on the bindoff, so I only needed the extra partial skein for that.

The pattern is both charted and written, but you really need to study the instructions if you’re going to use the charts, because they’re done a little differently. Chart A, for the main body, is pretty standard. Chart B is where things get a little tricky, especially row 17. It’s important to read the overview of the chart very carefully.

Of course, now that I’ve done it once, it would be much easier to knit again. But for first-timers, it may be easier to follow the written instructions for row 17 of Chart B, or at least follow along with them while using the chart.

Since I was out of town when I started chart B, I wasn’t able to weigh my yarn for usage, but it does take slightly less than half of the yarn to work Chart B and the bindoff.

It took a lot of time to pin it out for blocking, because of all of the loops on the outer edge. But of course, that’s what makes it so pretty.


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8 Responses to FO: Haruni

  1. Chris says:

    Pretty! Purple!!

  2. Susan says:

    Wow! That is beautiful!

  3. redsilvia says:

    So pretty! What a great color you chose for this. I bow down to the blocking you did, wow!

  4. jill says:

    Elegant details. And that color really gave the pattern a royal feel. But golly, the blocking. I bet you could pop in the BBC’s Pride and Predjudice to view while you pinned all those loops! Awesome in every way!

  5. zeneedle says:

    Must knit another and keep it for myself. You did a nice job of pinning Haruni out to show all it’s beauty and detail!

  6. kitten says:

    Pretty! I love the flowery edge.

  7. Laurie says:

    That IS really pretty. Makes for Haruni lust.

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