It’s May

And that means I have a Sky Scarf update for the skies through April.

Skyscarf - April;

We’re definitely having much more blue.

As for the garden, it’s coming along quickly. I have most things planted now except for eggplants (haven’t seen them yet in the nurseries) and some annuals. I’ve been harvesting arugula and lettuce in small quantities, but it’s coming on strong now.

I’m also trying something new:

Regrowing Celery 1

Yes, that is a couple of celery butts sitting in water. It’s only been a few days, but you can see that new leaves have started to appear out of the top. I’ll be planting them in the garden in the next few days. I saw a few posts on regrowing celery, and I figured it didn’t cost anything to try.


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8 Responses to It’s May

  1. Chris says:

    Oh, intriguing about the celery…

  2. I did NOT know that about celery … thanks for the info. I will tell my son-in-law … he just built yet another raised bed and I have a hunch the grandkids would like sprouting celery this way!

  3. kitten says:

    Getting bluer!
    Interesting about the celery, too – I don’t like celery much so I never think to grow it. Of course, I hate tomatoes and have three plants outside my bedroom window now.

  4. zeneedle says:

    Smith is very curious about your celery so he’ll be watching and waiting to see how it goes. We have many things planted, but a few are still too tender to plant. Next week we’ll be clearing out the kitchen of all plants and getting them into the garden (can’t wait!).
    Smy scarf has too many ends (again) but the plan is to catch up today. Yours looks so elegant.

  5. redsilvia says:

    Wow! That’s ALOT more blue. Good…

    I can’t believe how much “celery butts” made me laugh. Perhaps I’m an 11 yo boy at heart.

  6. jill says:

    Love, love, love the sky scarf. I can only imagine the summer blue you will be adding soon.
    “Celery butts” had us giggling! We’re thinking it’s time to get outside and put some things in the garden. Supposedly we’ve had our “last” frost. Always hesitant when folks use those absolute descriptors! Good luck with the “butts!”

  7. Cookie says:

    How cool!

  8. vicki says:

    Yeah, I’m also a little too amused by “celery butts.” So interesting! I can’t wait to see how it ends. We eat a lot of celery ’round here. 😉

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