More Color Affection

Another issue with Color Affection is trying to decide whether or not to do the yarnovers at the beginning of each row that many people are doing in order to make the top edge looser (k1, yo at the beginning of each row, then drop the yo on the return).

I was all set to do that until I read the notes in this project, about how that makes the hump at the top more difficult to block out. Then there was another comment (in a project? forum post?) saying that the tighter top edge helps keep the shawl from stretching out a lot lengthwise, and therefore gives you more depth.

And what did the designer have to say when asked about it? “Well, some like it better with the yarn over, others don’t.” I know I’m reading between the lines, but I get the impression that while she’s being diplomatic, she’s probably in the “don’t” category.

Maybe I’ll start without them, and see how it goes.


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7 Responses to More Color Affection

  1. kitten says:

    Why not every other row?

  2. Cookie says:


  3. Melissa says:

    I’m going to wait on starting mine until you have an idea of how the yo — no yo thing is going. Of course I haven’t gone stash diving or shopping for my yarn yet. So that’s another smallish issue.

    Good luck and waiting for any suggestions.

    PS The Migas look good.

  4. Rachel says:

    I started my first CA without the YO and had to rip back and add them as my edge was really tight. I did the YO before the first k and dropped it when I got to it at the end of the next row. Even with the YO I couldn’t block the edge straight on the side of the color changes so it curls a bit. I didn’t think this is why the depth is so different – this is an interesting explanation. I was wondering how come some people get the first section so much deeper than mine.

    In my current CA I decided to try something different. I do a kfb at the beginning of the first row and then add an extra stitch 2 sts later when the pattern calls for it. It looks like I am getting a very nice edge with this but will not know for sure until after it is all knitted and blocked.

  5. From what I understand about this project, it’s like eating potato chips. So you could do the first one one way, and the next one the other way, right?

  6. McMenamin says:

    I can’t remember how I ended up on your blog- was looking at color affection notes on Ravelry and… For anyone undecided about the YO’s you might want to take into account these 2 factors: yarn type/weight and type of INC you’re using.
    Here’s my experience so far:
    I did mine with YO’s because I used a lace weight yarn. I asked around on Ravelry and this seemed to follow a consensus among experienced knitters who had produced more than one shawl. Many did without the YO’s for heavier weight yarns and used them for lace weights or flimsier fiber types. The other reason I chose to use them is that I changed my INC’s to KFB which I think looks better and is easier for garter stitch. But, it can make things tighter toward the edge especially every other row where you are KFB on 2 stitches immediately next to one another. If you’re doing a pick up style increase as written in the pattern you get so much extra stretch from the garter rows that there is really no pull at all from the increases. Plus, using the pick up style gives you a plain knit stitch in between the 2-stitch increase rows. I started a sample with M1R/L’s but decided I would hate the shawl if I had to knit the whole thing that way-my needle just isn’t pointy enough. I saw that many people on Ravelry also made the switch to KFB with good outcomes and I checked with Veera who said she had used pick-ups because she prefers that look, but that there was no particular reason to use them.
    Also, simply because I don’t care for the look of the edge where the 3 yarns twist (one color is very dark but the others light) I have begun a simple crocheted edge just to cover it slightly. I think this will add any needed stability – I hope. I haven’t quite finished so I won’t know until after blocking. If it comes out great or fails miserably I’ll try to remember to come back on here and report.

    PS- I love your knitmeter. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that anywhere before. So fun!

  7. Lizbeth says:

    what a wonderful post and reply by McMenamin!! this information has help me decide what to do and how to make my first CA (yes, my first. i’m sure there will be more than one). thank you both for being so generous with your information.

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