My Progression Shawl has been moving along pretty well, but now I’m to the nupps, and a big increase in the stitch count, so it will definitely be slower now. I’m totally in love with the color of the yarn.

Progression shawl

I’ve started on Color Affection, but still haven’t totally decided what I’ll do with the stripes. I will probably either do the stripes as in the original pattern (version 1), or possibly with one extra garter ridge of the dark color in the third section, which would be in between version 1 and 2.

I’m not doing the YOs on the edge, at least not in this section. I hope it’s not a mistake, but I really do want the firmer top edge so that the shawl keeps its crescent shape and sits well around the neck and shoulders. Once I start working on the stripes, if the edge seems to get tighter, I might start doing them.

I’m doing looser increases (KFBs instead of M1R and M1L), and my edge stitches usually tend to be pretty loose anyway, so I think I may be fine. I compared mine with Margene’s – she’s doing the M1 increases, but with a YO on the edge (her edge stitches tend to be very tight), and our edges are nearly identical.

Color Affection

And I’ve also cast on for a pair of socks. I know! Two pair in the same year! Because this is a striped yarn, I’m just going to make a very basic stockinette pair. Perfect for a purse project. Because of the colors, I’m calling them my Autumn Joy socks. Maybe I’ll even finish them by Autumn.

Autumn Joy Socks

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9 Responses to WIPs

  1. Cookie says:

    I hope the edging works out for you, Cheryl. I’ve got one of those stripey scarf things and one edge is very tight and unhappy. Part of me wonders if there’s a better way to do them. Then I remember that they are so not my style that I don’t need to worry about it. *L*

    Btw, I am SHOCKED that you are knitting more socks. Who are you?!

  2. margene says:

    Socks? I’m shocked, too. However the yarn looks to be right up your alley. Is this the stash busting Cheryl or the Cheryl who wants warm feet?
    Progression looks fabulous!

  3. Chris says:

    *gasp* Socks! *thud*

  4. Nora says:

    I love how the colors of all your projects coordinate!

  5. jill says:

    What a fun group of colors. And what a fun collection of knits. Thanks for the Saturday morning inspiration. I’m getting off the darn computer and picking up my needles. Happy long weekend!

  6. kitten says:

    Love that sock yarn. Pretty pretty shawl, too. That color is so lovely.

  7. Heather says:

    That’s a lot o knitting! Love that color, too, for the Progression.

  8. redsilvia says:

    Progression is very pretty and the color is divine. I didn’t do yo on my Color Affection but I make sure the edges are loose. I guess when I finally pick it up again I’ll know if that was a booboo too.

  9. elizabeth says:

    I’m totally in love with that yarn too! I think I might need to cast on lacy something soon…

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