To Tea

There’s a fascinating article on NPR about why drinking tea was once considered a dangerous habit. Not because of any health concerns, but because it was considered a feminist threat to traditional ways.

Women of the world unite… and enjoy that cup of tea!

Excuse me while I put on a kettle. I think I’m in the mood for black today. Now I just have to decide whether to have my usual Assam Reserve, some of that special and delicious Golden Monkey, or some of the new Nilgiri I just bought. And look! Tea Zaanti’s teas are even on sale right now. Hmmm. Better see if there’s anything I’m low on.






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5 Responses to To Tea

  1. kitten says:

    Harney and Sons have their art teas on sale too, or did very recently. HOORAY FOR LUXURIATING!

  2. Cookie says:

    Thank goodness all my tea tins are full…

  3. margene says:

    I LOVE my TeaZaanti! Have you tried the Golden Safari? It’s also delicious. I’m rather proud to think my daily habit is somewhat subversive.

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  5. jill says:

    We’ve made the transition to tea dominance in our home. I am now just learning about this marvelous world. Thanks for the link!

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