FO: Pierrot 210-211-22 Pullover


Yes, I’m wearing a black camisole underneath. I may try it with a white or nude cami another time.

 210-211-22 Pullover by Pierrot

Pattern: 210-211-22 Pullover by Pierrot (direct link to pattern PDF here)
Yarn: Pierrot Cutie Mohair in black and ivory, slightly more than 2 balls of each
Needles: US 6 (4mm) and US 5 (3.75mm)
Ravelry: Project page, pattern page

Modifications: Added one inch to the body length. Other than that, not a thing. I didn’t even adjust the sleeve length, because I usually push them up anyway, and I figured that with bracelet length, I’d be less likely to snag the sleeves on watches or bracelets.

It’s very lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. The pattern was pretty simple and basic, and it’s knit using two strands of laceweight yarn held together. The pattern on the bodice is some kind of bramble stitch: 1 into 5, then 5 into 1. That was the hardest thing about knitting it – trying to knit 10 strands of fuzzy laceweight yarn together.

Pierrot pullover

As for the yarn itself, it’s a laceweight mohair blend. This is the yarn called for in the pattern. Cookie made me order it.


It’s a blend of nylon, acrylic, mohair, and wool. Since it doesn’t have silk in it, the yarn is matte instead of having the bit of shine that you’d get with Kidsilk Haze or a similar silk/mohair laceweight. It’s also a bit thinner than Kidsilk Haze, at 339 yards per 25-gram ball, compared to 229 yards for the KSH. But on the other hand, it’s comfortable to wear, and I don’t get the prickly feeling from it that I get with some of the other mohair yarns. Don’t get me wrong – I love KSH, but sometimes I do find it a little uncomfortable if it’s around my neck.

It’s extremely well-priced at around $4 per skein (339 yards), and shipping was only just over $5. It does take a couple of weeks for the economy shipping, though.

The pattern called for 3 balls of each color, and I barely used any of the 3rd balls – just for one sleeve cap. If I were making a sleeveless or short-sleeved top, I could have gotten by with 2 of each. Since I didn’t know how much of the 3rd balls the pattern normally used, and I knew I’d be lengthening it, I actually bought 4 balls of each color – that leaves me with over 600 yards of each color remaining. I’m thinking that they’d make a really nice shawl.

I could go very simple and just make a Mohair Bias Loop, or I could go with something like the Acadian Shawl, Rosewood, or Meliai. Because of the acrylic and nylon fiber content, it probably won’t hold a blocking as well as a yarn like Kidsilk Haze, so I wouldn’t want to do anything with a fancy lace pattern.

But that decision will be for another time… there are too many other things on the needles right now!


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10 Responses to FO: Pierrot 210-211-22 Pullover

  1. margene says:

    Very pretty and elegant! Perfect fit, too. The black cami will be lovely for evening wear. I see you weren’t too keen on being out in the cold wind for a photo shoot!

  2. kitten says:

    Nice! I’d go with the bias loop myself.

  3. Cookie says:

    I love it! I’m so glad you ordered that yarn and knit that pattern again.

  4. (Not That) Joan says:

    I like this:
    It would be lovely, but probably frustrating to knit with the mohair…

  5. redsilvia says:

    Cookie made you make a really pretty sweater! It should be a nice weight for wearing this time of year. I can’t imagine the torment of making those bramble stitches. You’re a patient woman.

  6. Love it! It’s gorgeous on you.

  7. Monica says:

    Cute! It looks very soft and nice to wear.

  8. Susan says:

    This turned out lovely! But, I knew it would.

  9. Heather says:

    Looks so cozy!

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