Merry Christmas!

Love to all!

I know that this time of year is especially difficult for some people, for a variety of reasons. To them especially, I wish comfort and warmth, and a brighter New Year. Consider yourself hugged. And if possible, treat yourself to a new toy.



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9 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Chris says:

    Great photo. 😀
    Merry merry to you and the Pontiff.

  2. Cookie says:

    Fabulous photo!

    Happy Holidays! xo

  3. Monica says:

    Merry Christmas! I love the photos you share from your girlhood. They are truly lovely.

  4. Kym says:

    Merry Christmas, Cheryl!

  5. zeneedle says:

    Very nicely said, Cheryl! It was so much fun to spend Christmas with you and L. Friends make the day special for us. xox

  6. bonny says:

    Excellent post, terrific picture!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Slightly belated Merry Christmas to you!

  8. redsilvia says:

    Hope you had a good Christmas! That photo is the best! The doll is bigger than you…

  9. Stacey says:

    Also a belated Merry Christmas to you and yours. Consider yourself hugged too. Happy New Year!

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