Since pushing myself in the knitting department isn’t really a great thing right now, I decided to celebrate Ravelry’s winter games with something small.

Washcloth #2

A washcloth, to be exact. I started it during the opening ceremonies of the winter games, and finished it over 3 evenings. I think that should earn me a bronze medal. Or maybe a piece of chocolate.

In the meantime, I’ve also worked about another 10 rows on the big pink tent. I may stab my eyes out with the knitting needles before that ever gets finished. I don’t know what I was thinking starting such a giant project.

In more exciting knitting news, I finally got a photo of the cute hat I got in our Stitch ‘n Bitch swap this year:

Anna's Hat

It’s the Hinagiku Hat pattern, and it’s made with that fancy German Woolmeise yarn. It’s  very nice and squishy. It just happens to be a perfect color to go with my sky scarf, so I can even look like I’m somewhat coordinated. I wore the hat the other day with the blue/gray/white scarf and my gray Estonian mittens – it was a perfect combo. Thanks, Anna!

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5 Responses to Ravellenics

  1. pacalaga says:

    Oh, that IS pretty!

  2. Marilyn says:

    You maybe should get the gold…you finished first!
    The hat is so pretty. I bet it’s toasty warm too. 🙂

  3. zeneedle says:

    Anna left me a comment to say it was the Hinagiku Hat. She did an excellent job of picking yarn and pattern for a gift. Glad you’re the one who received it!

  4. Carrie#K says:

    A bronze piece of chocolate?

  5. Cookie says:

    Lovely hat and well done! You’re an overachiever. Keep it up and we’ll kick you out of Team CrankyPants. Once you have helped me fake my own death and escape my partner in crime, of course. ;^)

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