A plan.

I’ve decided against trying to use the madelinetosh yarn for the Holbrook shawl. I think it’s too risky with the sideways border.

But that leaves two problems:

The first is what else to do with the madtosh that won’t be an issue with the color changes. I’ve decided to make a half-circle shawl in garter stitch, finishing it with either a pleat or lace. The pleat will take a lot more yardage – probably as much as the body of the shawl, so I’ll only do that if the first skein gives me a large enough shawl. If I need to use part of the second skein to make the shawl bigger, then I’ll have to go with a lace border. First problem taken care of.

The second problem is what yarn to use for Holbrook. I’d prefer it to be solid or heathered, unless I can find a semi-solid yarn that would be reliably nearly-solid. Since I’ll need multiple skeins, though, there’s still always the risk of one skein being noticeably different from the next.

I’d prefer wool or a wool-silk blend. It can’t have alpaca since that makes my neck itch. I think the lace would look better with a smooth, plied yarn rather than anything fluffy or hairy, so a sock yarn would be nice. But on the other hand, it can’t be a really springy sock yarn that won’t hold the blocking.

Any yarn suggestions are welcome. If it’s something I can get locally, that’s even better, since I like to support my local shops when I can.

Thanks to those of you who’ve already given me some suggestions. I plan to check out the local stores next week.



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7 Responses to A plan.

  1. Deb in PA says:

    You could make a Citron shawl (from Knitty). I’ve done it up in worsted weight and love it! I get tons of compliments and the best part is it stays on my shoulders.

  2. Chris says:

    No recommendations, but I think you made the right choice.

  3. pacalaga says:

    How about HandMaiden Sea Silk? I dunno if they sell it in your shops but it’s lovely.

  4. Sonja says:

    Lovely pattern. I immediately thought of two possibilities. Louet Gems fingering, 100% wool solid superwash. I’ve never found at a LYS though – or Fibre Company’s Meadow. I loved knitting with it. It isn’t exactly a solid because of how the different fibers take dye, but if your shop carries it, see what you think.

  5. Stacey says:

    I’m sure a day of hitting knitting shops for inspiration would help figure it out. What about Beaverslide sock!

  6. Marilyn says:

    I knit a shawl called TGV that sounds something like what you describe. And I just loved knitting Henslowe. The border takes forever though…
    I have no yarn suggestions….but happy shopping!!

  7. susan says:

    Meadow is a good suggestion. But I think it’s lace weight. Check out the Staccato. It has nice drape.

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