FO: Relax

The giant pink tent is complete. [Oh, and look – the lilacs are in full bloom already!]

Relax pattern

And no, it isn’t really all that giant. It just felt that way while I was knitting it.

But still, it’s big.

Relax pattern

I’m very happy with it, and it’s very comfortable to wear.

I did make one mistake, though. When I seamed the shoulders, I forgot that it was supposed to be an exposed seam (3-needle bindoff worked with the wrong sides of the fabric together). Instead, I seamed it with the right sides together for a traditional seam. I’ve been pondering whether it would be possible to change that without messing up the sleeves and neck. Hmmm.

I also made the sleeves longer, and then they grew more than I expected – so they’re a bit longer than I planned. I could easily cut them back and reknit the ribbing, but I’ll probably just leave it alone.

Pattern: Relax, by Ririko, project notes here.
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr Wool Silk 2/18 in “Cassis”, held double. Just under half a cone – about 2400 yards.
Needles: US 6/4mm as the main needle, US 5/3.75mm for the sleeves and neck, US 4/3.5mm for the ribbing
Size: XS

Modifications:  I knit size XS to make it less oversized. Made the neckline slightly less wide by working 3 fewer bindoff stitches on each neck edge (just skipped the last 3 bindoff sts). Made the sleeves a little longer. Made a rolled hem at the bottom edge instead of the ribbing.

I like this pattern a lot, and can see making other versions – one without the attached sleeves to make a short-sleeved one, and perhaps one in a yarn with a higher wool content for colder weather.

I’m glad I changed the neckline – the neck opening is still wide, but not so wide that straps show. It only ended up about half an inch narrower than the pattern specified. If I made it again, I’d probably narrow it even more.

I like how the Zephyr yarn worked out. It’s very lightweight and has lots of drape, which is important for this pattern.

Relax pattern

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8 Responses to FO: Relax

  1. zeneedle says:

    Well done!! It looks easy to wear, classy and sophisticated for a night out and perfect for this time of year! Beautiful!! (Both of you).

  2. Anne says:

    SO pretty! And spring-y. (I am jealous of your lilacs. We are off to a slow start here for whatever reason with the flowers. Maybe they’ve given up for fear of never having water again.)

  3. Marilyn says:

    Perfect! You did the right thing with the neckline. Love the color.
    Beautiful lilacs…bet they smell wonderful too. 🙂

  4. Stacey says:

    You look radiant! The sweater is lovely. You have the patience of a saint

  5. pacalaga says:

    Super flattering, especially since you’d been describing it as a tent!

  6. Chris says:

    It is extremely flattering! 🙂

  7. Cookie says:

    Look how good you are! I love it! I knew you could do it! What a shame it’s not big enough to sit under.

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