Brought to you by the color purple

The garden is awash with purple this week.

Purple flowers

Like this ajuga:


One of my favorites is this lovely iris:


But this one is pretty spectacular, too, with the blue and violet petals:

Purple and Blue iris

And there’s the sweetness of the little violas:

They’re all so happy to see a bit of sun after a week of rain. And so am I.


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6 Responses to Brought to you by the color purple

  1. zeneedle says:

    Beautiful, beautiful! Purple flowers and blue skies! Looks like summer is finally coming!

  2. Stacey says:

    Love the flowers. But could I have more rain please? It has been keeping the temps down and I like that.

  3. Marilyn says:

    So pretty! I have yellow iris but have always wanted the purple like you have. Ours are just peeking out of the ground. It’ll be awhile before they bloom…

  4. pacalaga says:

    So so beautiful. That deep blue and purple one is my favorite.

  5. redsilvia says:

    Oh so pretty! That iris is amazing.

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