Translation, please!

Google just purchased Word Lens – an iOS and Android app that lets you point your camera at signs, and view the translation right in the image. No internet connection is needed! Includes databases to translate to/from English for  French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian.

Here’s an article about the app, with some screen shots of the translations.

During the transition, Word Lens is offering the app for free for a limited time. I downloaded it and tried it out – it worked great! Get it while you can.

And for those who aren’t interested in the geeky stuff, here’s some eye candy. My newest orchid: Lc. Star Parade ‘Volcano Queen’. (One of the best things about having a nearby Trader Joe’s are the flowers – both cut and potted.) I’ve never had a cattleya orchid before. Hopefully I won’t kill it.

Volcano Queen


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4 Responses to Translation, please!

  1. Gretchen says:

    Love the photo! Geeky stuff good too.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Cool app. I always wonder how things like that work…especially without internet…oh well….it’d be over my non-computerized head! 😉
    Beautiful orchid!

  3. zeneedle says:

    The orchid is gorgeous, although it looks like it drooled purple on its chin.

  4. pacalaga says:

    Pretty! Alas, I have a Windows phone so there are NO cool apps for me. (Which is frustrating because other than that? I love it way more than both Apple and Android.)

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