Driving Trip

I’m going to be taking a driving trip to Chattanooga Tennessee, and am starting to plan it out.

This is the plan so far (click map for bigger):

route map

I’m planning on 4 days to get there, following the more northern route on the map (in blue), and 4-5 coming back on the more southern route (in gray). I’m pretty familiar with the blue route as far as Kansas City, but not with anything past that, or with the gray route, other than Colorado.

For those of you more familiar with the other areas, can you suggest anything that we might want to see or do on our way there or back? We can’t spend a lot of extra time doing things on the trip there, so we won’t be able to do anything that takes much time – but we’ll have more leeway on the trip back.

Also, we’ll be in the Chattanooga area for a few days, so suggestions for things to see while we’re there would be great, too.


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6 Responses to Driving Trip

  1. I live along I-70 (northern grey route) in Kansas. It’s construction season aka summer so there are periodic spots of construction but nothing with large delays. The southern grey route is also a good one. It will have fewer places to stop and rest than the northern one but possible less traffic? Hope this helps!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Don’t know anything about most of this area but DH & I were in Nashville long ago and went to the Grand Ole Opry. It was a lot of fun…if you like country music.

  3. Charlotte says:

    There’s a museum in Kansas City about a steamship that was found in the Missouri River. Can’t quite remember the name but it was something like Arabia. At any rate, it’s worth a look see and would be a nice break in the driving. Of course, there are other things to see in Kansas City like the Nelson Art Museum but that might be a longer stop than you’d want to make.

    In Fulton, south of I-70 just east of Columbia is the Winston Churchill Memorial. Again, a smaller museum — but quite interesting — that’s worth stopping to see. Not sure how far off I-70 it is but maybe something like 10 miles or so.

    Lots of stuff to see and do in the St. Louis area … museums, the Arch, the Brewery (free tours), the zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, etc. A number of the tourist attractions are free or have very inexpensive admission charges.

    In theChattanooga area, there’s Rock City to explore. There’s also an aquarium but I haven’t seen it.

  4. Kym says:

    I have nothing to add, except it is a lovely part of the country! When driving through Chattanooga on our way to points South (for spring break holidays), I always wished we had more time to stop and enjoy the area. I’ll look forward to hearing about your adventure.

  5. Melissa says:

    It’s a little out of the way in Arkansas, but you might want to drop in on the art museum in Bentonville. It’s free and a wonderful museum.

  6. redsilvia says:

    I’d just add EAT! There are some mighty fine BBQ places along the route. Kansas City is surprisingly fun (Jax Stack is where I eat there). Little Rock is pretty (I had no idea). Memphis is all about Rendezvous BBQ. You have to eat there – even the British royals ate there when they were in town a few months ago. Yum. You may want to start fasting now to have your cholesterol ready for my meat based itinerary…

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