Try and Try Again

Sometimes I am not as clever as I think I am.

Nordic Urban yoke

I got most of the way through the yoke of the Nordic Urban sweater, and decided it was not going to work out. My knitting was much looser than on my swatch, probably because I was overly-paranoid about the floats being too tight, and really made the stitches loose. Normally I wouldn’t worry quite as much, but this pattern has some really long floats, especially for such a heavy yarn. I modified the pattern slightly to eliminate some of them, but there were still some long ones. With the high contrast of black and white, twisting or trapping the yarns will probably show, so I only did that on a couple of rows.

At any rate, the yoke is fine width-wise, but my row gauge is off so much that I’d have to eliminate more rows of it than I’m willing to do. I had already cut out a few rows, and had plans if I needed to cut out a few more, but there ended up being too many to really work out well.

So I’m going back to the drawing board and will restart the sweater according to the pattern, and knit the body and sleeves first. I’ll worry about the yoke later. I really need something a little more mindless to work on right now.


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4 Responses to Try and Try Again

  1. Kym says:

    Well. It’s quite beautiful. (Damn gauge. . .)

  2. zeneedle says:

    Drat. After all that work. Looks beautiful. I love your Scarlett point of view.

  3. Chris says:

    Row gauge is my nemesis.

  4. redsilvia says:

    That yoke is stunning so I hope it works out. I’m sure you can work the math out, you’re good like that 😉

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