Roadtrip: Tulsa – the Center of the Universe

Or at least, they claim it is.

Before our road trip, I took some time to look for interesting roadside attractions along the way. One of them was the “Center of the Universe” in Tulsa Oklahoma.

This is a spot on a pedestrian railroad overpass where you can stand and hear your voice echo – but nobody else can, even if they are standing next to you. And it’s true! The effect is most likely caused by the planters surrounding the circle.


Yes, it’s silly, but it was fun, and a nice stop for stretching our legs. The “Center of the Universe” is the circular shape in center of the plaza shown in the photo below. The tall (72′) sculpture with the cloud on top is the “Artificial Cloud” by Robert Haozous, a commentary on the destructive effects of technology and Westernization.

Tulsa, OK

The funniest thing was that we had a Twilight Zone moment at the Center of the Universe. I had been taking pictures with my phone, and I was going to post one to Facebook just as we were about to leave. I went to my photo gallery, but didn’t see any of the pictures! The most recent ones were from when we left Memphis the day before, which were the last photos I had taken with the phone before getting to Tulsa.

I couldn’t figure out what could possibly have happened to the photos! Did I fill up the phone memory or something? That was hard to believe, and I would have thought I’d have gotten an error or warning if that was the case.

To test it, I took a photo of Larry, and then went immediately to the photos. Not there! WTF?

I thought maybe if I deleted some of the photos, it might work. So I started scrolling through them, deleting a few here and there. Then suddenly – there were the Center of the Universe photos! All the way before the Memphis ones.

I couldn’t figure that out, but at least they were there. It wasn’t until that evening when we were checking into a hotel and I looked at the calendar on my phone for some reason. The date and time had somehow been changed to 2 days earlier – so all of the photos had the wrong timestamp, and that’s why they were in the wrong place. The time was right when we left Memphis, so somehow between there and the Center of the Universe, my phone’s time and date got messed up. (And of all places this could happened, it was at the Center of the Universe!) It wasn’t an error with the cell phone service, because Larry’s phone was correct.

I don’t know what happened, but we must have been….

(of course)

Living on Tulsa Time. Which was also funny, since that’s one of the songs Larry’s been practicing with his buddies. But of course, they sound nothing like Don Williams.



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3 Responses to Roadtrip: Tulsa – the Center of the Universe

  1. zeneedle says:

    You find the most interesting road side attractions. It may have been the Center of the Universe thought you should relive your last two days, but you walked away just in time.
    Don Williams is one of my favorites from way back when. I loved the way he did Amanda.

  2. Stacey says:

    Weird things happen in the center of the universe. Why? 42.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Ooo, OOo, Oo. Or however you’d type the scary sound! It probably was Living on Tulsa Time but it could have been The Twilight Zone too. 😉

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