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OZ Revisited

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my Wizard of Oz coincidences, which then led me to that cute Bobby McFerrin video.  Jill commented on that post, mentioning a 2007 Sci-Fi channel miniseries called “Tin Man“, a science fiction … Continue reading

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I’m not usually one for participating in Ten on Tuesday, but since this week is 10 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over Again and Never Tire Of, I thought I’d chime in. I love movies (I rarely watch TV, … Continue reading

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Get Out Your Hooks

How about a little creative crochet? I stumbled upon this article on “25 Most Amazing Works of Crochet Art” the other day. The technique of porcelain crochet was quite interesting – I’d love to see some of that in person.  … Continue reading

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FO: Old Shale Poppies

With which we hit 14 miles of knitting for 2010! Poppies in the snow… just like in the Wizard of Oz! I was so glad I got to see that again with my sister on Christmas this year.  She played … Continue reading

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Have you checked out Ravelry’s Finished Objects Radar? It’s a live feed of photos from projects being marked as finished. In other random news, the weirdness of the “The Wizard of Oz” themes in the movies I watched must certainly … Continue reading

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A Bizarre Coincidence

I have a rather long Netflix queue, as probably most Netflix users do. I rarely rearrange the movies, so normally when I hear about a movie that I want to add, I just chuck it into the queue, where it … Continue reading

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We went to see Wicked on Wednesday night. For us, it lived up to the hype. The cast was excellent, and the costumes spectacular. DH even knew the actor playing the Wizard of Oz, from back when he lived in … Continue reading

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