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Found a Peanut

(Remember that song?) A few days ago I was delighted to see a pair of scrub jays in my yard. We haven’t had them around for several years, since West Nile killed so many of them. Of course, I had … Continue reading

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Cat on a Hot Wood Roof

Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it? Say hey to Boo (ooh – another movie quote): No, she’s not mine. But she spends about as much time in my yard as in the neighbor’s. Except for when she’s on … Continue reading

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The Gauntlet

No, not gloves. A gauntlet of kitties. I was amused to see the following scene in my back yard yesterday. There’s a bird feeder barely visible in the lower left corner of the photo. The big pine tree in the … Continue reading

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The perfect spot

Psst! Be sure to wish Margene a happy birthday today. Monday was a lovely sunny spring day, but with a strong cool wind. Princess found a new perfect spot for a snooze. I found her in the bay window, where … Continue reading

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Grabbing the last rays

Cat on a hot tin roof. Or a cold cedar roof. Whatever. This was the only way she could be in the sun and still keep watch over us as we enjoyed one of our last dinners on the patio … Continue reading

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I Gots Quail!

I was out in the yard this morning, and heard an unusual bird sound. I turned around to see a handsome pair of quail walking along the roof of my garage, then hopping along the top of the fence. I … Continue reading

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Poor Kitty

When I finally rolled out of bed and came downstairs this morning, the house was toasty warm from the strong morning sun, which practically blinded me as I walked into the kitchen. Princess was happily sitting in the sunlight streaming … Continue reading

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Cat and Mouse

The itty bitty kitty… with mouse shown for scale. The Barbies got a little addition to their family. Poor little kitten needs a name, though. Looks a little like Chaos and Mayhem, don’t you think?

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Beware of Jungle Kitties

Lurking in the sage. Or maybe just enjoying the scent of the hyacinths.

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Most Likely the Only Cat in the Universe

Who is currently walking around with a snorkel-keeper on her back. Yep, that’s all I’ve got.

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