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First Snow Day

Barbie: What the heck is this white stuff? Have you been baking bread again? Last time you got flour all over the house. Crystal: Yippee! It’s snowing! First real snow we’ve had all year! Watch me make a snow angel. … Continue reading

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Rising from the ashes

Crystal: I’m Athena! Rising fully formed from the head of Zeus! Barbie: You moron! You’re not Athena, and that’s the neck of a book fairy, not the head of Zeus. Now put on your dress. This is the last time … Continue reading

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Crystal: You shouldn’t have given cousin Babs so much of your special eggnog. Barbie: It’s better with lots of rum. It’s not my fault if she thinks she’s that Smiley person, or whatever her name is.

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The Tree

Barbie: Crystal, you moron! I told you that tree was much too big. Now get off that building before you kill yourself.

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You Knew This Was Coming

Didn’t you? Some of you did, I know. “I’m glad you like my new bear skin rug, but I’m afraid you’re no Burt Reynolds.”  

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The Easter Date, Part 2

Barbie: It was another dating disaster, right? CrystalBarbie: Well, I guess he was tall, dark, handsome and muscular, just like he said. Barbie: Yes, but “blue” wasn’t quite what came to mind when he said “dark”. CrystalBarbie: No, not exactly. … Continue reading

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The Easter Date, Part 1

CrystalBarbie: Gee, Barbie… I’m so glad you suggested brunch at the Botanical Gardens. It’s so lovely here today. Barbie: Yes, but where’s that waiter with my Bloody Mary? CrystalBarbie: I’m really excited about my date tonight. Barbie: What’s his name? … Continue reading

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It's Spring!

Well, sorta. At least we have one lovely, sunny day before it starts raining and/or snowing again. At least it was enough for me to get out and photograph CrystalBarbie’s new Spring outfit. Dress: Pattern: #572 from Sticka till Barbie … Continue reading

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Crystal has another date

Barbie: Aren’t you nervous about your blind date tonight, after how the last one turned out? CrystalBarbie: It’s pretty hard to meet guys any other way, these days. They can’t all be bad! Besides, this guy’s an astronaut or something. … Continue reading

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The Party Dress

When I was a kid, girls couldn’t wear pants to school. When it was cold, we had to wear pants under our skirts or dresses, and take them off when we got to school. I was in 7th grade when … Continue reading

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