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A milestone

My blog stats tell me that I have reached 1,500 posts. I guess that means it’s time for something knitterly. I actually do have a new FO to show you. (Don’t faint.) But I have no photo of it yet, … Continue reading

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Thanks to Chris, I tried yet another Feed Reader to replace Google Reader. It’s called CommaFeed. I love it. It’s clean and simple, and seems to update pretty quickly. It’s also open source software, which I like. Non-proprietary, and hopefully … Continue reading

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Feed Readers

*Update* See later post here, where I’ve switched to CommaFeed. Since Google Reader is abandoning us, I’ve been checking out a few different feed readers. Some were just awful, and I hated them (I’m looking at you, NetVibes!). The only … Continue reading

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WordPress is at it again

In their never-ending battle to end all interest in blogging, they have implemented yet another unwanted feature. They have decided that it would be a great idea (!!!) to make “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” be automatically selected … Continue reading

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Darn those people!

WordPress recently updated their commenting system to force people who enter an address associated with a WordPress/Gravatar account to sign in. Unfortunately, I have no control over this. Please see the article here, which contains a link to reset your … Continue reading

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Just for Fun

Because of CarrieK: Who taught you to knit? My mother Do you remember the first thing you made? Yes – a sweater that I still own and occasionally wear, despite it being 40 years old. Do you knit more for … Continue reading

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Sorry for anyone getting a bunch of blog updates from my new blog – the categories didn’t copy over to the new blog, so I was updating old posts to add them. My old blog didn’t treat a change of … Continue reading

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Lazy Blogging, Part 2*

Crikey! I just returned from my daily swim on the beautiful Fijian beach and realized I have not updated this since Paris Hilton was in jail… You would not believe that I’d been abducted by aliens. Apologies to my regular … Continue reading

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Lazy Blogging, Part 1

AKA: Mea Culpa. A couple of weeks ago I ranted about blog posts in a comment on someone else’s blog. Somehow I segued from Ravelry pattern overload to lazy blog post overload. The general gist of my rant was that … Continue reading

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WordPress Weirdness

Is it just me? I seem to be having some weird stuff going on with my blog. Sometimes I don’t get the sidebar on the right. Sometimes I don’t even get anything but a post title. But there are no … Continue reading

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