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Under the Sea

Earlier this year my husband and I purchased annual memberships at the Clark Planetarium. It’s $49 for a duo membership ($99 for a family of five), and includes free admission to all shows in both the Dome and IMAX theaters, … Continue reading

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Movie Fun

One of my local SnB grrls (blogfree Val) recommended a movie called “Lars and the Real Girl” to me a couple of weeks ago. We watched it the other night (rented from Netflix), and really enjoyed it. We laughed. We … Continue reading

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Friday Food Ramblings

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, though to be honest, we probably wouldn’t remember it if my mother didn’t give us a greeting card. For years we got used to celebrating the date we met as our anniversary, and it was … Continue reading

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That was me most of yesterday, after a night of not much sleep. But I got a burst of energy in the evening, ironically at a play called “The Drowsy Chaperone“. It was light, it was fluffy, it was funny, … Continue reading

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Knitting Quotes

I was watching “Network” yesterday, and got a chuckle at a knitting reference. Just for fun, I decided to search the IMDB quotes for other knitting quotes. Here are some of them for your entertainment: Louise Schumacher: Is that what’s … Continue reading

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Bringing Down the House

House Concert, that is. DH and I really enjoy going to local house concerts when we have the chance. For those not familiar with them, they’re just what it sounds like – concerts held in a house. The one we … Continue reading

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Movie Meme Results

You did pretty well – only one movie wasn’t guessed! Fans of “Young Frankenstein” and “Blazing Saddles” should hang their heads in shame for not knowing this one. 1. A) This is a rat burger? B) He doesn’t know how … Continue reading

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Movies, Part 3

Gee, it looks like I did really well at stumping people. I’ll give y’all one more chance to solve these. Final results will be posted tomorrow for any that aren’t guessed today. (I’m sure some of you are going to … Continue reading

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Movies, Part 2

It looks like I did pretty well at choosing some obscure quotes – I’m sure some of you know these movies. Well, maybe except for number 6. That’s kind of a ringer, since it wasn’t a very popular movie. I’d … Continue reading

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I enjoyed the movie quote meme on Knitting the Blues, even though I didn’t recognize many quotes. But I thought it would be fun to do, so here goes. The rules: Pick 10 of your favorite movies. Go to IMDb … Continue reading

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