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Colors of the week

It’s May, and today’s colors are violet and white. The early iris are in full swing, along with some lovely white tulips: And there are masses of Sweet Woodruff filling in where they can amongst the larger flowers. Happy Friday!

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What’s in Bloom

I was surprised a few days ago to see that the lilacs are in full bloom already. That’s three or four weeks earlier than last year. The daffodils are gone now, along with most of the very early tulips, but … Continue reading

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Violets and more Violets

I’ve been viciously yanking out handfuls of violets from my front planting bed. Not that I dislike violets, but they’re taking over and choking out some of my other plants. When they first started showing up, I thought they made … Continue reading

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Not outdoors yet – so far I only have daffodils blooming. But I have these lovely pink tulips indoors: They’re a set of forced bulbs I bought at Costco. I bought some for my mother last weekend for her birthday, … Continue reading

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A Touch of Spring

The last day of January, and the first peek at spring.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’re doing well here. Especially the tomatoes. My plants are over 6′ tall. (Husband shown for scale.) I grow my tomato plants in cages made from concrete reinforcement wire, and pretty much just let them alone to do whatever they … Continue reading

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In the Garden

The lettuce harvest is getting pretty slim right now. I think I’m done with the salad-sized harvests, and am down to just a few leaves for sandwiches. But more has been planted and hopefully there will be salads again in … Continue reading

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Good Companions

Since I have such a tiny area for gardening, I try to utilize every little bit of ground I can, so I often try to cram small veggies in between larger ones. I had pretty good success with my two … Continue reading

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More Woodworking

DH has been busy with the woodworking again. This time it’s a planter box to go on the fence. Made, of course, of spare cedar fence slats. I’ve put some sedum in it, which hopefully won’t get too dried out … Continue reading

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Larry is pleased as punch (or more accurately, gin & tonic) with his newest sprinkler project. We love how it looks like it’s just hovering by the planter. It’s magic!

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