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And as promised…

My new grilling table. It’s so much more convenient to actually use the grill while standing up. And much safer than when I had it on the wood deck. This one did cost us some money, since we had to … Continue reading

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Kitchen update

What’s this? Whatever could it mean? Last night we sat in the kitchen with some steamed clams and a bottle of wine, and discussed the cabinets and appliances. We thought about what would work now with the cabinets as they … Continue reading

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Kitchen planning

We’re looking at this for our countertop: We brought home a lot of samples, and this one seemed to go well with the existing oak cabinets: and with the new paint: And it would also look nice with painted cabinets … Continue reading

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Other Projects

One of the reasons for being so busy lately has been our ongoing remodeling. After refinishing the floor of the mudroom, we painted it and added some new cabinets. Based on the recommendation from an artist friend, we painted it … Continue reading

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Grabbing the last rays

Cat on a hot tin roof. Or a cold cedar roof. Whatever. This was the only way she could be in the sun and still keep watch over us as we enjoyed one of our last dinners on the patio … Continue reading

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We got most of the floor sanded down. Turns out that it’s apparently old-growth Douglas Fir. Hard as a rock. We knew the front porch is Douglas Fir, but didn’t expect that they’d also use that for the back porch. … Continue reading

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One Year Later

One year after the fire on our street, the rebuilt houses are finally near completion. The couple who own the house (on the right) are planning to move in this weekend. It will be nice to have them back. The … Continue reading

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Remodeling, Continued

We ripped up the rest of the carpet, and determined that the rest of the old floor looks pretty solid. So the decision is… sand it down and refinish. We’ll continue using a strip of wood to level the fridge. … Continue reading

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We’ve been wanting to rip up the awful carpet in our mudroom for ages, but we weren’t sure what we were going to find underneath. The mudroom used to be the back porch, which had been enclosed many, many years … Continue reading

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We finally got around to finishing up the “remodel” of our shed. We did a lot of the work last year, but we still had shelves and hooks to put back in place. Now it’s clean and organized, and my … Continue reading

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