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Housing Update

The neighbor’s houses are moving along. The one on the right is being roofed, and the siding should be going on soon. The interior is nearly done, too. We have new-house envy. The one on the left is going much … Continue reading

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Patio Time!

Yesterday was sunny and in the mid-60’s. Perfect for the first cocktails on the patio this year. And for basking in the warm sun.

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I Gots Quail!

I was out in the yard this morning, and heard an unusual bird sound. I turned around to see a handsome pair of quail walking along the roof of my garage, then hopping along the top of the fence. I … Continue reading

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Housing WIPs

I missed doing an update on the neighbor’s houses last week due to bad weather, exhaustion, and 3 days of jury duty. Look how much has been done in only 2 weeks: They’re already working on the heating system. We … Continue reading

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Housing WIPs

Remember our neighbor’s house that was pulled down on March 1? Here it was as of March 9, with the new foundation poured. And the burned duplex in the background? Gone as of March 17. Can you spot the cute … Continue reading

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Now you see it, now you don't.

My neighbor’s house yesterday morning: My neighbor’s house… er… rubble, yesterday afternoon: Unfortunately, I didn’t get to witness the destruction. I left for a luncheon at 11:20 am, and they started knocking it down at 11:30. My husband only got … Continue reading

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You know it’s really cold when the trees are thick with frost. Either that, or someone came by in the middle of the night and flocked the trees.

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Three Fish Don't Make a Pie

A couple of nights ago, we had the following dialog in our house: Him: “Three fish don’t make a pie”. Me: “What?” Him: “That’s an old Chinese proverb.” Me: “I never heard of it.” Him: “That’s because I just made … Continue reading

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Only Off By 5 Days

Last Tuesday we were supposed to get a huge snowstorm. All of the weather services were going on about how big it was going to be. And we did get snow, maybe about 4″. Nothing to write home about. Of … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Detergent

Have you started using any of the new low- or no-phosphate dishwasher detergents yet? Utah is one of the states that required the change as of July 1. We’ve been using Kirkland liquid detergent, and just started with the new … Continue reading

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