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The Past in Living Color

My father sent me a link to these awesome color photographs of rural America from 1939-1943. It’s amazing to see this era captured in color. It really makes everything come to life, and it’s interesting to see the color of … Continue reading

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Silver Sunrise

A pretty sight to greet me yesterday.

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Eye Candy Friday

A little spot of brightness amidst the melons.  

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Oh no!

It’s so hot out, the cat melted.

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I'm being watched

Yikes! When I was having dinner the other day, I looked out the window and noticed a pair of eyes staring at me. (Clicky for bigger.) Basement cat is watching me.  

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So far the “huge winter storm” has only brought a trace of snow. But it made for a pretty view this morning. Happy Friday!

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Wordless Friday

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Red sky at morning, sailor take warning….  uh oh…

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A Diversion

My father sent me the link to these wonderful color photos taken in Russia between 1905 and 1915. This was, of course, before color photography. The photographer developed a clever technique to produce color images from a sequence of black … Continue reading

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Friday Eye Candy

Sunset from a few nights ago. Because I’ve got nothing else. Happy Friday!

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