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Knitters' Retreat!

I had an absolutely delightful time at the 7th Annual Rocky Mountain Knitters’ Retreat at Alta, Utah. Alta is a world-famous ski resort, and happens to be where I (and probably most Utahns of my age) learned to ski. It’s … Continue reading

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We Steal Everything

Sadly, I will not be in town to witness the Second Annual Salt Lake City Urban Iditarod, an idea stolen from the Portland Urban Iditarod and/or the Idiotarod. It does sound fun, though. I think that for a change, other … Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking Sunlight

Where’d the mountains go? (This should be said in your best Sarah Palinesque accent.*) Both mountains and sky are barely visible these days. Yes, it’s time for our winter inversions. The Salt Lake valley is basically a big bowl, surrounded … Continue reading

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Friday Eye Candy

Sunset from a few nights ago. Because I’ve got nothing else. Happy Friday!

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End of Summer

We’ve had unseasonbly warm temperatures for the last few weeks, which has been perfectly lovely. That will be coming to an end this weekend, though, as we march into more seasonal temperatures. After being at Alta last weekend, reveling in … Continue reading

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Trip to the Zoo

Heather and I had a lovely time at the zoo yesterday. The weather was perfect – a little cool, but sunny and nice. The animals were active, so we got in some really nice animal viewing. The star attraction was … Continue reading

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CCR 2008

So just what was it I was doing in Midway last week? Attending the Curve Cowboy Reunion 2008.  This is a motorcycle rally originally created for riders of BMW K1200LT touring motorcycles. While most of the attendees own BMW motorcycles … Continue reading

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Where Was Cheryl?

Unfortunately, as much as it might look like it, I was NOT in Switzerland with Claudia and Sil. But I guess it was about as close to it as I could get in Utah. I was in Midway, which is … Continue reading

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Today we took the travelers to Sundance resort for lunch and sightseeing. Kim poses by the river: While Margene gets IN the river to blog both Norma and her own feet: Kim, Shelley, Anne and I decided to keep our … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Morning and an FO

Since I’m currently playing bachelorette while DH is away, Margene and Smith took pity on me and invited me along for a breakfast at, well, you probably know where. Luckily, we were there early enough to be entertained throughout breakfast … Continue reading

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