The Shopping Day

I love Wednesday afternoons – I don’t have to work, so that’s when I usually do all my shopping and errands. This was a particulary good day. Leaving the house, I noticed that my car was absolutely filthy. Ugh. Well, maybe I’d wash it after I got home. I started off at Unravelled Sheep, poking through the wall of yarn on sale. It’s a progressive sale, this week is 30% off. It’s only my 4th time down there in 2 weeks (or is it 5th?). Sigh. Anyway, I gobbled up a couple of skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (for wrist warmers, I think), some K1C2 Ambrosia (baby alpaca/silk/cashmere) in “pale moss” for hmmmm… a scarf? A cowl? Some cute little gift bags? Too many choices. Maybe I’ll just leave a skein out on the table so I can pet it. One skein of Artyarns Ultramerino4 in colorway 115 – beautiful reds. I was thinking about the “Cabled Purse” in LMKY, but I don’t know if I’ll like it in a variegated yarn, so we’ll see. A skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in Safari. Loved the yummy browns. Too bad there was only one skein left. So what will I make with it? I dunno… maybe some ankle socks (she muttered under her breath). What was that? Socks? Who said that? Couldn’t have been me. I must be hearing things. But wait – what’s that other yarn in the pile – the one trying to hide? Sockotta? Couldn’t be. How did that get in my bag? I just finished watching “Sybil”… maybe it was one of my other personalities who bought that. Well, just don’t tell anyone.

Then I needed to go to Jo-Ann’s to try to find some buttons for a jacket I’m making. I bought four the other day at the store in Holladay (2 cards w/2 buttons each), but I really wanted 5. I figured if one Jo-Ann’s had them, the others probably would too. Since I was already in Sandy, I trekked down to the new Super Store in Draper. My God! I can’t believe how 12300 South has changed. I would never have even recognized the street – and I used to drive down it every day when I lived out there years ago. Of course, that was when there wasn’t much besides Guadalahonky’s and Neil’s. Sheesh! It could take days just to drive through all of those strip malls and see what stores are there. Anyway, found Jo-Ann’s and went looking for my cute little buttons. I found them, but in the wrong size – 7/8″ instead of 3/4”. I thought for sure they’d have both sizes somewhere. But I couldn’t find them, and there were no empty slots nearby. I found the same buttons in another color, in both sizes, but not the ones I wanted. Aarrggh. But then I noticed that the item numbers on the other colored buttons were sequential. And that the buttons appeared to be on the wall in numerical order (as well they should be!) So looking at the 7/8″ buttons again, I noticed that the buttons directly below were NOT in numerical order. Could it be? I nudged aside the top packet of buttons, and SCORE! There were my lovely buttons hiding underneath. Yes, life is good. Snatched them up and headed to the checkout. Hmmm.. I have a 40% off coupon in my purse. Well, I certainly don’t want to use that on a $1.60 packet of buttons. But there by the counter was the Fall Interweave Knits. OK, might as well get $3.00 off!

Now I’m headed up I-15, figuring to jump off at 45th South to stop at my mother’s house. I need to check her Dell Laptop to see if it’s in the battery recall. But as I spy the exit for 53rd… I’m thinking “Costco… Costco”. Normally I shop at the Costco on 3rd West, but last time I was there, they no longer had the delicious Marcona almonds that I bought by mistake and then became addicted to. Could it be that they’d have some at this store? What the hell, might as well jump off the freeway and see. YES, YES, YES!!! There were my lovely almonds. If you like nuts and have never had Marcona almonds, do yourself a favor and seek some out. They’re lucious and creamy – sort of like a cross between almonds and macadamia nuts. Tony Caputo’s has them, but in smaller quantities and for more $$. So I grabbed a couple of cans. Well, now that I’m there, I might as well see if they might also have the incredible Orca Bay Cioppino they used to carry. No such luck, but what else do I spy, but Pirouline cookes! Yes, they’re back! There’s nothing like a Pirouline and a cup of tea or coffee. OK, so I grab the 3-pack of those as well. As I’m checking out, I decide that a nice latte would be good, and for only a buck, you can’t beat that with a stick. As they’re making my latte, I turn and look out the door. Well, I try to look out the door. There was an incredible storm going on – the wind was blowing the rain sideways, and it was so windy and rainy that you really couldn’t even see out into the parking lot. People were standing at the doorway in horror. I figured it was a really good idea to grab a seat and drink my latte. And there I sat, watching the rain, the wind, the lightening. Boy was it nasty! But then, just as I finished my latte, ta-da! The rain stopped and the sun was peeping out. Ah, just in time to leave. I walk through the flooded parking lot out to my car, and notice that it’s now washed clean! Cool! Life is definitely good!

A quick stop at my mother’s determines that her laptop battery isn’t being recalled. Excellent. I get home and have an email from a gal pal – I’d asked if she wanted to see “The Descent”. I love horror movies, and this was supposed to be a good one. DH hates them, but since he’s out of town, I figured it was a good time to go. She was up for the movie tonight, so we hit the early show at 5:30. And yes, it was good. Lots of blood (too much – but then, it’s a horror movie, after all). But it sure had our adrenaline pumping. Whew!

Yes, it was a good day. Now, any suggestions on what to do with one skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn?

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4 Responses to The Shopping Day

  1. Eileen says:

    repeat after me:socks … socks … socks …ankle socks would prolly work with 1 skein, or kid’s socks.

  2. margene says:

    That’s quite a day and quite a haul! We had the rain here at work and lightning hit nearby. It was a crazy storm. I live 5 minutes away and it was completely dry there.

  3. Katherine Of It All says:

    Teri’s patterns for short socks are quick and cute!

  4. Jacquie says:

    My current Costco favourites are their Snack Granola – full of different kinds of nuts and seeds and very yummy for breakfast with berries and yogut, and their huge (big enough to share!) hand-dipped ice cream bars that are only $1.50 from the cafe. The chocolate is really thick,and they’re even better with nuts on too.

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