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Automated Yarn Reviews

As a public service, I thought I’d create a flowchart for automatically creating yarn reviews. Just answer a few simple questions, and copy the answers. Please note that the exclamation marks are required. You may feel free to add additional … Continue reading

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Poppy it is.

I finally got out to my LYS to look at yarn for Holbrook. On Susan‘s suggestion, I decided to give Shibui Staccato a try. Although it’s a solid, the silk/wool combination and the tight twist of the yarn give it … Continue reading

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A plan.

I’ve decided against trying to use the madelinetosh yarn for the Holbrook shawl. I think it’s too risky with the sideways border. But that leaves two problems: The first is what else to do with the madtosh that won’t be … Continue reading

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I was going to wear my Tuckless Wonder to work yesterday, but when I put it on, I noticed a hole in the sleeve. Uh oh. I checked a couple of other woolies in the closet, and sure enough, found … Continue reading

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The Stash

Last year in my annual recap, I posted that I wanted to continue knitting down my stash, as well as getting rid of other “stuff” around the house. How did I do? On the home front, pretty well. We got … Continue reading

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Guiltless Stash Enhancement

I just added 10 skeins of The Fibre Company’s “Road to China Light” to my stash. And do I feel guilty about it? Not in the slightest. Why? Because I won it in a contest on the Knitty blog. How … Continue reading

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No, I didn’t take up spinning. I think I’ll leave that to the people who know what they’re doing. But if you hurry, you might be able to grab some of Cookie’s beautiful handspun before it’s gone. It’s a great … Continue reading

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Cookie and Joan, in the Forest, with Susan.

Why yes, I did play “Clue” recently. Why do you ask? I’m half tempted to just leave it at that and let you guess what it means. I’m sure you could come up with some interesting scenarios. Ahem. But I … Continue reading

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Look what Cookie sent for the girls! A box stuffed full of yarn remnants! The girls were so excited about it, that they did what I’ve always wanted to do when faced with piles of cashmere, silk, and wool. They … Continue reading

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Got Stash?

My goal this year was to end the year with fewer skeins of yarn in my stash than I started with. That didn’t mean I couldn’t buy new yarn – only that I had to use more than I bought, … Continue reading

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