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German Short Rows

I am terrible about reading anything in “This Week in Ravelry”, but for some reason, I took a look at the “Ask a Knitter” segment in the current issue (#86). It has an article on German Short Rows that I … Continue reading

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Ravelry Tidbits

Do you keep up with the changes to Ravelry? There’s a new Ravelry Newswire feed that will let you see all of the various sources where changes are posted. Some changes were being posted on Twitter, some on Facebook, some … Continue reading

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Have you checked out Ravelry’s Finished Objects Radar? It’s a live feed of photos from projects being marked as finished. In other random news, the weirdness of the “The Wizard of Oz” themes in the movies I watched must certainly … Continue reading

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A Rash Deal

I don’t normally read the forums on Ravelry because it’s just too much of a time suck. But the subject line of one thread in the Remnants forum caught my eye – Rash Knitter Makes Deal With Diver. For those … Continue reading

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