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Salzburg Hat Pattern

I finally got around to writing up the pattern for my “Jagged Little Pill” hat, which has been renamed the “Salzburg Hat”. Why Salzburg? Because it was inspired by a hat a friend was wearing while we were on vacation … Continue reading

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Jagged Little Pill

While in Salzburg on a rainy day, my friend was wearing a hat that originally belonged to her mother. It wasn’t a knit hat, but I liked the general shape of it – sort of a pillbox, but with the … Continue reading

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FO: The Guilt Sweater

The Guilt Sweater is done! Not only that, but it fits and he loves it. He really likes the feel of the yarn, so hopefully it will hold up for a while. (This is the old Patons Classic Wool, not … Continue reading

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I am still laughing

I spied this vest on Ravelry this morning, and was interested in how the pockets (and trim) were done (click the photo to go to the pattern page on the Gosyo website): I used Google Translate to translate the general … Continue reading

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FO: Ubiquitous Kate

Yes, it’s done! And it even came in handy for my trip up to Snowbird for the afternoon. Still plenty of snow up there. I ended up using just under 1200 yards of yarn – about half for the body … Continue reading

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Ubiquitous Kate

“Ubiquitous Kate” is my interpretation of the now-famous shawl worn by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s a top-down triangular shawl with a zigzag texture stitch. There are has additional increases to make a shallower, curved triangle with longer … Continue reading

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Have you seen the new Knitty yet? I really liked this one. It seems like there’s something for just about everyone. I totally heart Beatnik. Gee, no surprise there. Love the cables, love the color, love the 60’s styling, love … Continue reading

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Verena Knitting Fall 2009

I just got my new Verena Knitting magazine for Fall 2009. I’m not too crazy about the women’s patterns in this issue. There are a only a couple I might consider making, one of which is the cover sweater. But … Continue reading

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Name that Grimace

For your amusement… some photos from another of my vintage knitting books. I got such a kick out of this model’s expressions. I kept wondering what directions he was getting. “Look smarmy!”? “Look stupid!”? So let’s have some fun. Caption … Continue reading

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Does your coffee mug need a hat?

Now that I have tea cozies for my teapots, I’ve been thinking about my coffee mugs. I wasn’t sure that a coffee cozy would really make all that much difference in keeping my mug of coffee warm. It seemed to … Continue reading

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