Seams Seem Good

Last night I was working on the vest for my husband, and finished the main part. He was very excited about it. I had to look up how to graft the shoulder seams since I was knitting in garter stitch. I found instructions on how to Kitchener garter stitch, and grafted away. It looked messy while I was doing it, but turned out beautifully! Even I couldn’t tell where the graft was. I was totally thrilled… until I held up the vest and realized I had grafted both front pieces to each other. CRAP! Reminds me of when I was in Home Ec in high school and somebody sewed their sleeve into the neck of the garment. Grrrrrr. So, I unpicked my beautiful grafting job and did the shoulders the way they should be. And yes, they turned out fine – see photo! DH tried on the vest and was very happy. He can’t wait for me to finish it.

So this morning I got dressed and put on one of my favorite sweaters (not one I made). I ate breakfast (DH made eggs for me), and then went into the bathroom to dry my hair. I was wondering why my sweater felt a little funny. Then I looked in the mirror, and wondered why the sweater looked a little funny, too. Then I realized that the crocheted yoke on the front was “missing”. Wait – there it is, hiding on the back of the sweater… Arrggghh. Well, at least that was easier to fix than my grafting. But I hope it’s not a trend…

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