More Park Photos

I had a really nice walk the other day. Hardly anything to make me cranky.

Click any photo for bigger.


There were bunnies! I walked to the park along a street I don’t usually use – not for any particular reason, but only because of how the lights at the intersection seem to work out. One of the yards had these cute little bunnies in it. I couldn’t get a better photo, because when they saw me at the fence, they ran hopped over to say hi, and were pretty much hidden by the vines on the fence. I was thinking I’d probably make a point to walk down this street more often – until I got a few houses further and was discombobulated by a pit bull barking his head off at me from behind a rather short fence. Maybe I won’t go down this street. Erk.

Resting at the park

The park was cool and peaceful. Somebody got tired of jogging and found a nice place to rest. I don’t blame her – it was a lovely morning.


An interesting tree. I actually took this photo because there were a couple of squirrels chasing each other around the tree and chattering like mad – to the delight of a toddler and his father who were out for a walk. Sadly, you cannot see the squirrels (well, I can see one, but only because I know where it is – but otherwise it just looks like a dark blob). But I decided to post the photo anyway, because I’m sure there are plenty of you who will be amused by the suggestiveness of the tree trunks. (If you didn’t click it for bigger, you will now, won’t you?)

House of Birds

I call this house “The House of Birds”. The front porch has a screened-in area that is a bird aviary. In the winter, the screens are covered with plastic for insulation. Every time I walk by, the birds are singing away. I have no idea what kind of birds are there, since I can’t really see through the screen (and definitely not through the plastic). But it’s cheerful, at any rate. And look – a white picket fence with Morning Glories!

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5 Responses to More Park Photos

  1. Cookie says:

    Bunnies! 😀

    That’s a heck of a tree you’ve got there, Cheryl.

    All that birdsong would drive me up a freakin’ wall.

  2. Chris says:

    Bunnies! Maybe you can walk down, visit the bunnies, and go back the same way…

    Hmm. Racy trees. What’s next?! 😉

  3. Carrie says:

    Heh. Soon we’ll have a whole collection of pervy tree photos.
    Odd about the pit bull – they are usually quite friendly to people. Other dogs, not so much. (Mine about falls over herself wagging her tail so hard, begging for pets.) Yay for bunnies!

  4. Katheirne says:

    Of course I clicked the tree photo. And of course I wasn’t going to before.

    I love that house, I really do. Brad and I are starting to think about planning to consider the possibility of future house-shopping, so I’m all ga-ga lately.

  5. Stacey says:

    You could walk to the bunnies and turn around? I would totally go knock on the bird house just to see. 😀

    Happy monday!

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