Cloud Knitting

I’ve started knitting the Drops 88-13 pullover I’ve been wanting to make. I decided to use Douceur et Soie instead of the Vivaldi specified in the pattern. It’s a much lighter yarn (about half the weight), but I think it will be okay. At Tuesday’s SnB, Eileen said that it looked like a cloud. It’s really true. The knitted fabric is so light and ethereal that I can hardly feel it on the needles. It really is like knitting a cloud. When I was knitting on it the other day, the sunlight was coming through the window and the yarn practically glowed where the light hit it – it was truly a thing of beauty. Hopefully I’ll like it as much when it’s finished as I do on the needles.

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1 Response to Cloud Knitting

  1. margene says:

    It will be beautiful on you!

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