I'm a Screamer

There are some days ya just wanna scream, aren’t there? Especially when you have to rip out hours of knitting. (That never happens, does it?) But screaming is very theraputic. I ran across this cute little doll at Big Lots the other day. If you press her belly, she screams like this. I thought it was so funny that I had to buy a whole bunch of them to pass out to some of my stressed-out friends, and they all love them. It makes me smile just to look at her… and when you feel like screaming, you just give her tummy a little squeeze, and she does the screaming for you. It’s amazing how much better it makes me feel. If someone calls and asks me a stupid question, I can just have her scream into the phone for me. Or if someone dumps more work on me, she’s more than happy to scream at them, too. She’s most useful at the office, but I have a second one at home, standing by in case I have to frog a lot of knitting. I actually did have to frog a lot of the yoke on my Drops pullover the other night because I did two decrease rows in a row, instead of every-other row, and didn’t notice it until four or five rows later. But oddly enough, I didn’t really mind it too much. I think it’s because I was really enjoying knitting it. In fact, I’m going to miss working on it now that I’m done.

But I think she needs a name. Any suggestions? I’ve sort of been thinking of her as “Screamin’ Sally”, but I do have two of them, and each should have her own name.

And if you ever feel like screaming, you can just come here and have her scream for you, too. I’m happy to share.

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1 Response to I'm a Screamer

  1. Carol says:

    Hi Cheryl! I Saw your blog on the Lonesome Skein & I’m really enjoying the read here! I love this little screamer! I’ll take a shot at a name: Since you’re Mother Superior of all Frantic Frogging, how about Sister Mary Mouthowitz? LOL

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