Snow = knitting

Last weekend took us to Brian Head Ski Resort, near Cedar City Utah. The drive there and back provided lots of knitting time, with a bit thrown in here and there during the weekend itself.

We had planned on doing a lot of snowshoeing (me) and skiing (him), but the only chance we had to do that was Saturday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day – just right for making a snow angel while traipsing around the rim at Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Cheryl at Cedar Breaks

Sunday, when we planned to do most of our outdoor activities, looked like this:

Brian Head

All day. Sometimes you couldn’t even see the road because of the snow and fog. So instead of having fun outside, we spent the day playing Monopoly in front of a roaring fire. There may have been whiskey involved as well.

Fireplace in the condo

Mother Nature provided another gorgeous day on Monday, but sadly, we had to leave for home. Sigh. Why couldn’t we have had this sunshine on Saturday?

Brian Head But with all the knitting time, I managed to make a lot of progress on two scarves. The green one is finished now… more on that soon.

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10 Responses to Snow = knitting

  1. Chris says:

    Love the first picture – snow angel?? šŸ™‚

  2. jill says:

    Such fun! I have some fantastic memories of college trips in Brian Head. Looks like you don’t need to be 21 to have a great time there!

  3. Ann says:

    Thanks for your great Brian Head photos this morning. I own a home up there but we don’t get to use it much living in CA it’s a very long ride. I’ve done lots of knitting up there and there’s nothing like a snow storm to encourage me to do that. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done this time.

    • Cheryl says:

      Yes, it’s a long ride… but that’s just more knitting, right? That was the first time I’ve been to Brian Head (other than just driving through it on the way to Cedar Breaks).

  4. elizabeth says:

    So jealous! I’m still holding out for a big March snow, but I’m delusional.

  5. margene says:

    The southern part of the state has had all the snow, not that they’ve had much, and it all arrived while you were there. We are fortunate to be knitters when stuck in a car or indoors.

  6. Heather says:

    Cozy with your man can’t be all bad!

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