Matched set

I finished the new Extra, out of the yummy cashmere yarn Kim overdyed for me. Since I had plenty of yarn, decided to make some matching headwear. There wasn’t really enough yarn for a hat, so instead I decided to make a headband – just enough to keep my ears warm.

I know – it’s a crazy idea. Handknit items that match.

Extra #2 and Mureena headband

The scarf is really squishy and soft – very cozy to wear. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll put buttons on it – for now, I’m just using a magnetic shawl pin.

The headband came out great – just the right size for me and my small head. The cashmere makes it really nice to wear.


The headband is supposed to be closed with buttons, but another Ravelry member had the great idea to crochet an elastic hairband to the ends, giving it enough stretch to put it on easily. I loved the idea, so I did the same thing. It might end up a little too loose with wear, but if it does, I can always take the hairband off and do buttons.


The pattern for the hairband is called Mureena, and it’s in Finnish. The main part was charted, but the first and last parts for the tapered ends just had written directions. Google Translate helped figure it out enough to let me do my own charts for the written parts (see my project page), and then it was a snap. I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the Google translation of the instructions to crochet the button loops, so it’s just as well I didn’t do them anyway.


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10 Responses to Matched set

  1. kiwiyarns says:

    The headband looks great! I think the matching thing is lessened by not having matching stitches though.

  2. Carole says:

    Matching knitted items are great – they make you look like less of a homeless person when you go out wearing all the handknits!

  3. Marilyn says:

    What Carole said.
    The color is perfect on you. Both items are so pretty and the elastic idea on the headband is ingenious.
    I’ve never heard of magnetic shawl pins before…

  4. Chris says:

    They look delightful to wear. 🙂

  5. Janeanne says:

    Cashmere on the ears, what luxury! The headband details are quite clever. A lovely set.

  6. zeneedle says:

    Made out of cashmere, they must feel amazingly soft and be cozy warm. Matching items look like you actually thought about what you’re wearing instead of grabbing just any ol’ thing. They’re fantastic.

  7. Bonny says:

    Cashmere on your head, neck, and shoulders looks great and I’m sure it feels wonderful as well. I love the elastic idea. Thanks for your helpful instructions on how to wear Extra if I ever get one done!

  8. Kym says:

    (I love the hairband idea!) I agree with Carole — the matchy-thing is a negated by the different stitch patterns. Gorgeous color. And cashmere, to boot! Pure luxury.

  9. claudia says:

    Pretty! That Finnish wasn’t a barrier…that’s pretty bad-ass. You don’t look nearly cold enough in that picture.

  10. redsilvia says:

    Very pretty and a clever hack on the headband! Of course standing in that lush green garden means it’s a bit too warm right this very second?!?!

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