The Grass is Greener

But not by much.

My new cardigan is very, very green.

Vintage Green

It’s not a color I would normally wear, but I got the yarn for such a great deal, that I couldn’t resist. It’s Patons Classic Wool that I found it at the local Dollar Tree. For a dollar a skein, how could I pass it up?

I considered overdying it, but then decided that it might work well for a vintage (1966) cardigan pattern I had. The pattern called for bulky yarn, but the worsted-weight held double gave exactly the right gauge.

It worked up really fast at that gauge (2 weeks from start to finish), and I like the weight. It’s perfect as a light jacket for cool temperatures.

When I was looking for buttons, there were some green buttons that matched the yarn very well, but were strangely thick. Buttoning the thick fabric over the thick buttons might have been an issue. I was just about to settle for some cheap brown buttons – they looked pretty good with the green, but were a little smaller in diameter than I’d like. But then I saw these.

Vintage Green sweater buttons

Just the right size, and sort of an olive green that went with the yarn without matching it too closely. They were kind of pricey for buttons, but considering that the yarn cost next to nothing, I figured it was OK to splurge a little on the buttons.

Pattern: Bernat 518-141
Ravelry: Project notes
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool, leaf green, 8 skeins (held double throughout)
Needles: US 11 and US 9


The biggest modification was construction. The pattern called for knitting all of the pieces flat and seaming. With such bulky yarn, I wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of having thick raglan seams at the shoulders. But I didn’t want to knit it top-down, because the upside-down cable stitches would have bothered me. Instead, I knit all of the pieces bottom-up to the armhole, working the armhole bind-offs on each piece. Then I put all of the pieces together and worked the yoke in one piece.

Everything else I changed was pretty minor. I added a couple of stitches to the body of the sweater at the hem for a little more ease at the hips, but decreased them away as I worked up the body, so that I ended up with the same number of stitches at the underarm as called for in the pattern. I also changed the length of the garter stitch sections at hem, cuffs, and neck – some was on purpose, but the bottom hem is short by one garter ridge by accident.




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11 Responses to The Grass is Greener

  1. Kym says:

    Perfect modification, Cheryl! The sweater looks great — and will be wonderful to have on hand for fickle spring weather. I have some of that very yarn – same green – in my stash. (Deep in my stash!) I also got if for a song. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll need to dig it out, now that I’ve seen your sweater. . .

  2. Chris says:

    It turned out wonderfully!

  3. Carole says:

    It looks great and I think the color is perfect for spring!

  4. zeneedle says:

    You’ll need it today. brrr
    You made a really fun sweater that you’ll wear more than you think. It’s darling, well fitted and the buttons make it fabulous!

  5. claudia says:

    That was fast. Sometimes retro is just exactly the right thing.

  6. Melissa says:

    Love, love your new sweater. The buttons are perfect. Great mods to make it yours.

  7. Rachel says:

    Oh it turned out so lovely and so fast too! And you look wonderful in it, a great deal all around.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Perfection! I love the buttons. I always struggle to find the right button but you hit the nail on the head! 🙂

  9. That is perfect! And a perfect color for spring.

  10. redsilvia says:

    Super cute! I like the green on you. Very pretty and great button find.

  11. Thinkering says:

    Great job. That sweater’s beautiful–I love the color!

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