Betcha Can't Eat Just One

AKA: The kale recipe for people who hate kale.

Now presenting Roasted Kale – kale leaves drizzled with oil, roasted until crisp, and then sprinkled with sea salt.

Before roasting:

Kale chips before roasting

And after roasting:

Kale Chips after roasting

Doesn’t look like much, does it? But the end result is crispy, delicate, and salty. And dare I say it? Pretty good! They actually reminded me of popcorn. There is a slight “green” flavor to them, but mostly they just taste like the salt and oil.

I baked up one tray of them as an experiment. Both DH and I tried them, and pronounced them quite edible. He had a few, then wandered off for a few minutes. I polished off the last of the first batch while preparing the second batch. DH returned and said “Where’d they go?” with a sad little look on his face. (I’m tellin’ ya – the man HATES kale.) I told him the second batch would be done in a couple of minutes. When they came out of the oven, I put them in a bowl and took them to him in the office, while I continued making dinner. Soon he came into the kitchen with the empty bowl. “You ate them ALL?” I asked. “Why, weren’t they for me?” he said. Absolutely. I had most of the first batch, so it was only fair he got most of the last one.

I can’t say I’d go out and buy kale just for this, but I sure know what I can do next time I find myself with some.

Thumbs up from both of us.

BTW, I’d already bookmarked this recipe to try when I got a comment on the previous post from Paula B., pointing me to this recipe for Kale Chips, which is nearly identical – different oven temperature, and it doesn’t tell you to flip the kale over part way through cooking.

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11 Responses to Betcha Can't Eat Just One

  1. Chris says:

    Coming soon to a movie theater concession stand near you!?

  2. Nora says:

    Something about roasting items that would otherwise be used for cattle feed – turns them into absolute deliciousness! I do like kale (sauteed w/ garlic, bacon and olive oil with a sprinkle of red pepper) – but that REALLY looks good!

  3. Lauren says:

    Kale Chips! I can’t believe I forgot to suggest that one. I’ve seen most recipes with people ‘massaging’ the oil in, and adding nutritional yeast to make it taste cheesy. But that is an acquired taste I think!

    Looks good!

  4. Cookie says:

    I knew you could do something wonderful with that kale. Well done!

  5. Karen says:

    Mmmmm. Tasting like salt and oil can’t be bad!

  6. Norma says:

    Mmmmm. So maybe you can do this with beets and get him to like beets too.

    So ends this meeting of the Beet-Pushers Council.

  7. Carrie K says:

    I’d forgotten about kale chips. Clever girl!

  8. Carrie K says:

    There is no way to improve beets, btw. Entirely inedible.

  9. Joan says:

    Yes, Norma, one can do this with beets (have a pan of whole beets in the oven right now but beet-haters might need them mandolined) and beet greens – with salt, oil, and fresh dill??? Ymmmm

  10. Joan says:

    Maybe Carrie would be interested in this beet option Looking for my juicer….

  11. Miss T says:

    Interesting. I love kale, but I haven’t tried it this way.

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