Knitting Progress

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to knit in the last few days, but fortunately, this goes pretty fast anyway. I have the back and left front of Nell done:

Nell in progress

I did somehow mess up when I was marking up my red coat as a template for the desired size, and I ended up making it 2″ shorter in length than what I had originally intended. I realized it after I’d finished the back piece, and considered ripping back to the armscye shaping to make it longer, but then the waist shaping would have been in the wrong place. I suppose I could cut off the ribbing and add length, grafting the result together, but it would be a mess with the cables, so I don’t think I really want to do that. I think it will be okay as it is.

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4 Responses to Knitting Progress

  1. Cookie says:

    I wonder if you could block it a bit longer when the time comes.

  2. Chris says:

    *crosses fingers*

  3. Monica says:

    It looks beautiful so far!

  4. margene says:

    It looks so good and I know it will be a winner.

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