I have two planting beds that are embedded in the patio, which I use for veggies. Originally we had extra sprinklers in the garden beds along the fence that faced out to the patio, so that those beds got watered, too.  But we took those heads out a few years ago because they really didn’t work very well – when I had tall plants like tomatoes in the bed closest to the fence, they blocked the spray from getting to the second bed, and it also wasn’t very healthy or efficient to be watering them that way anyway. Since we took them out, I’ve been watering the beds by hand. I didn’t really mind that too much, but it was a problem whenever we went out of town for more than a couple of days.

After retrofitting the sprinklers in our front yard for a drip system (we have no grass, just a big planting bed), we thought that might also work for the beds in the patio. My husband dug down in one of the beds and tunneled under the bricks to connect into the existing sprinkler line.

Retrofitting a drip head

Then he ran another line to the second planting bed. Each bed now has one retrofit drip conversion head, which will allow me to run up to 12 drip lines from each head. They have a high-flow output, since they’ll be running at the same time as the traditional sprinklers on the line.

Drip head

The head in the bed on the right is between the first two solar lights:

Ready for summer planting!

Now I’m all ready for summer planting! Which is a good thing, since we’re having June weather in April.

In the meantime, I couldn’t resist getting a color bowl to spruce up the deck:

Color bowl

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7 Responses to Retrofitting

  1. Chris says:

    Such a handy guy you have there! 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks great! Have you decided what you are going to grow this year?

  3. Stacey says:

    What a sweet pop of color!

  4. zeneedle says:

    Your garden gets better every year. Larry is great at doing the big jobs. The garden beds look marvelous!

  5. Cookie says:

    Isn’t he lovely? 😀 Well done! (Although, I am a bit shocked to see that there was no cat supervising this whole operation.)

  6. jill says:

    Wow! That is a big job, and it will be so worth it. You’re going to love those drips! It looks so inviting.

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